Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Missing Kitties

You may recall that when we lived at our last house, Hubby and I "adopted" some stray cats

They were very ungrateful felines. They only showed up for breakfast and supper.  If we took a step towards them, they would run to the hills. We started out with one yellow cat, who disappeared after the first year, followed by a black and white cat, followed by a black with no tail, followed by a black with half of a tail, and last but not least, a little tiger cat. The first four were very skittish and not at all friendly. In fact, when I put food out, they usually greeted me by hissing at me. Sometimes I turned around and took their food back into the house. They never once, hissed at Hubby or Amazing Daughter.

The little tiger cat showed up late in the game, and I had high hopes that this one would be friendly. We never got to find out. He was only around for a week or so when Hubby found him lying in the driveway, deader than a door nail. Sniff. Wipe a tear.

When we knew we would be moving to the country, Hubby was determined to take the cats with him. 

"Why? All they do is hiss at me. Stupid cats."

"Well, they don't hiss at me. Haha. I like them. They'll be good mousers."

"HA! They wouldn't know what to do with a mouse. They're so fat now, they probably couldn't catch one."

"I just like having them around."

"OK. FINE. But, I still don't appreciate them hissing at me."

So, it was decided. The cats would be going with us, if we could catch them.

When it was learned that we would be moving to the country, SIL#6 offered up her stray cat to us. She even borrowed her neighbor's cage to make the transition easier. She warned us not to EVER pick it up, because it will bite you. However, it will lay down beside you so you can pet it. Just don't pick it up. 

Well, that was one step friendlier than the snobbish cats we had. 

Hubby brought that cat home, which I promptly named "Goldie", and took it directly to the new house. It just so happened to be the weekend of our one winter storm. We kept it in the cage close to the house, made sure there was food and snow, and covered it with a tarp. I went out from time to time to say hello and welcome it to its new house. It stayed hunched way back in the cage the entire time.

The next day, Hubby let it out. For the next several days I saw it sitting over at the neighbor's back door. I called out to the stupid cat that the food was over here. Of course, it was entirely possible that the neighbors had a gold-colored cat. It did make its way back here once or twice, but I haven't seen it for awhile.

So now Hubby took the empty cage to the old house. He was sure it wouldn't be hard to catch "Sawshee" and "No-Tail", because they are such hogs when it comes to food. Hubby was right. "No-Tail" was the first one to be caught. And, he did not like being in that cage. He growled and hissed the entire time. Again, we kept him in the cage all night at his new house. The next afternoon, Hubby let him out. He ran like a black streak, shooting across the neighbor's yard and beyond. We never saw him again! 

So far, we're 0 and 2 for cats. Next, it was "Sawshee's" turn. She was a little more aprehensive about the cage, but finally, her stomach won over, and she was captured. She was much calmer than "No-Tail". I suggested to Hubby that we should face the opening towards our field in case she shoots out like No-Tail. The next day, we opened the cage. She stayed hovered in the back. We went on about our business. When we went back to check on her, she was gone. We never saw her again. Now, we're 0 and 3.

The other day I saw a little black face in the field. I wondered if it was "No-Tail", but as he turned and walked away, his tail rose up above the weeds. From time to time, I'll spy a gold-colored cat or two, but they keep their distance. 

Hubby keeps promising me a kitten, as long as it "stays outside where they belong". I'll let you know if that day ever comes.


  1. Gosh, what bad luck. YES, you do need a kitten, that will bond with you from babyhood and think you are it's mom. Seems the others were so feral already that thy could not make a complete change.

  2. I'm a dog person, but find kittens so cute!

  3. Definitely start with a kitten. Good luck.

  4. Maybe y'all just aren't meant to have kitties? LOL Sure made for a fantastic (and funny) post!

  5. What you had were feral cats. You can't move them as they will return to their previous territory. We feed a group of feral cats. We have captured them and had them all spayed and neutered so that they won't reproduce any more. They have bonded with us after several years, but they are feral, so there is no picking them up and they are definitely outside cats.

  6. hehehe #19 on your list still cracks me up!

    Anyway, one of these days, I'm going to find another cat and bring it home to you...


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