Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kiss (and Keys)

I have two totally unrelated stories for today. One happened yesterday, the other happened decades ago. 

Yesterday Hubby and I had some errand-running to do. We jumped into the truck, ready to go, when I remembered that I forgot something. Hubby turned off the ignition, while rolling his eyes and sighing with exasperation, and gave me the keys. I ran into the house, put the keys on the table, grabbed whatever it was I needed, pulled the locked door shut, and hurried into the truck. Hubby held out his hands to receive the keys. 

UH - OH...CRAP! 

Some one was not very happy. "Well, there goes the whole entire day! You might as well start walking to Jennee's work because she's the only one with a key!" (Our house is always locked up tighter than a drum.)

I did not want to walk to Jennee's work. That's a good 10-mile walk. So I started going around the house checking the windows, hoping against hope that one would be unlocked. No luck. 

Meanwhile, Hubby went the opposite direction. We both reached the back of the house at the same time. Hubby tried the back door, and look on his face was priceless when the door actually opened! 

Whew! Disaster was averted. After searching a few more minutes to find where I threw the keys - there were only five places where they could possibly be- we were on our way to get our errands done.

And, now the story about "The Kiss".

This is my Grandma and Grandpa. The year was 1971, or thereabouts. My Mom's and Dad's birthdays are only four days apart. Well, technically, seven years and four days apart. We were sitting around the table after eating supper, and possibly birthday cake. Us kids decided it was time for a birthday kiss. First, Dad was to give Mom a birthday kiss. *KISS* Then, it was Mom's turn to give Dad his birthday kiss. *KISS*.

Grandpa and Grandma were sitting there enjoying the show, then we said, "Now Grandpa, give Grandma a kiss."

Oh my. They thought that was the silliest thing ever. "Nah", said Grandpa. 
Grandma started giggling at the thought. We coaxed and coaxed. We might have even started chanting "Kiss! Kiss!" The more we coaxed and chanted, the more Grandma giggled. It must be hard to resist five noisy grandchildren yelling for a kiss, because finally, he gave in and leaned over to give Grandma her kiss. As you can see, by this time she was laughing so hard that she didn't get a proper kiss, but a peck on the cheek.

Yes. This is my favorite picture of them. I didn't crop this picture, because I love seeing that big, black telephone sitting up on top of the piano.


  1. The second picture and story about it are just wonderful!!!! Phil has locked us out of the house twice, necessitating him to break the basement window and crawl in. We also locked ourselves out of the car at a mall and had to have a locksmith come. We keep meaning to put a house key somewhere outside, hidden, but we never do!

  2. Around here it's the husband who always loses his keys or locks us out of somewhere. That picture is wonderful! I love pictures of my grandparents-especially the ones that have something like that telephone in them. LOL Great story! Wonderful post!

  3. What a darling photo of your grandma and grandpa. Priceless, and, yes, she really is laughing so much!! Oh my, I can so sympathize with you about leaving the keys in the house. I have done that myself on many occasions, and the sinking feeling when you realize what you've done. Usually, whenever I've done it, hubby is going to be out at meetings all day, so I'm stuck up the creek without a paddle! Needless to say, I now have a spare set hidden in the garden. Thank goodness that the back door was open though!

  4. I just love that picture! Oh how I would have loved to meet Nettie. And classic mom moment...

  5. I love both your stories! We've taken to hiding a key in the outside unlocked side room. I'm sure someone else could find it if they wanted but oh well!

    Your grandparents look like they pretty much enjoyed that kiss! Wonderful memory and photo and a real heartwarming story!

  6. Love the grandparents story. Popped in from the A-Z challenge and like your blog. I love baking and scrapbooking too. Can relate to some things on your Project list as well. :-) Nice to meet you!

  7. I have a key hidden outside for just those kind of forgetful moments. Believe me I have plenty. I love that photo and story of your grandparents. So sweet. What a wonderful memory.

  8. I hate forgetting my keys. Luckily, it's very difficult to lock myself out of my house.

    And that story and photo about your grandparents is adorable. What great moment to look back on!


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