Thursday, April 26, 2012

X-Factor Comes to Wooster

It's a good thing that I'm a terrible procrastinator, otherwise I would have blogged about this long ago, and then been stuck on what to do for "X".  

This past January, Amazing Daughter and I had the opportunity to attend the live show of X-Factor.

Josh Krajick, who came in second, is our hometown boy. We learned that a film crew would be coming to Wooster to broadcast from the high school he attended during the show. We thought it would be fun to be a part of the experience. We arrived at the high school soon after the doors were opened, which was at 5:30. As you might imagine, there were quite a lot of people there. And the excitement was running high.

But, some did not seem excited to be there, and they were the boys who were selling popcorn. There were three of them, walking one right after the other, with their trays full of boxes of popcorn. They walked solomnly and slowly up and down the row. The first boy said, "Popcorn", in the most uninterested way. Then the second boy said, "Popcorn", followed by the third boy. It was almost like, oh hum, popcorn. Up and down the row they went #1 - "popcorn"; #2 - "popcorn"; #3 - "popcorn".  It was unintentionally very comical.

When they finally let us all into the gym, the excitement level was raised to the ceiling. Then the girl in charge started talking. I promise you, she had a voice that sounded like she had been sucking heilium. It was her job to get everyone all pumped up, and she did her job. There was a dance contest, and the flinging of "I love Josh" shirts. The noise level was unbelievably loud. Naturally, the girls with the loudest and shrillest voices sat directly behind me. Oh, my poor ears! The screaming was continuous.

Heilum Voice told us that whenever Josh appeared on the screen, we were to go wild - screaming and yelling and jumping up and down, and go crazy. We were to keep that up for the entire time he was on screen. The bad part about that, was, we couldn't hear him sing, and we couldn't hear what the judges had to say. That part was a little disappointing.

But still, it was quite an experience. 
If you don't want to watch the whole thing, even though he did an amazing job, at about 6:40, it shows the wild and wacky people of Wooster, Ohio. I graduated from high school with the mayor. He looks so much older than I do, don't you think???

The answer to yesterday's question was answered correctly by my good bloggy friend All8. It is an old-fashioned laundry plunger. Aren't you glad we don't have to do laundry with that??


  1. A laundry plunger? I have never heard of such a thing. At Last is one of my all time favorite songs!! Who is the man holding the little girl?

  2. Wow that sounded like lots of fun! The closest I've ever done to doing something like that is get up at the crack of dawn to go see Emeril Lagasse do a 'Good Morning America' appearance at the NC Art Gallery. It was fun, but not as exciting as your X Factor!

  3. I love that guy! I really hope he goes far in his career. His voice is beautiful!

  4. How fun to get to go. Our friends' son was on American Idol several years in the top 10...Chris Sligh...then his cousin won America's Got Talent (Terry Fator), but we just keep up with occasionally on Youtube, because we are rarely ever in the States! But I would love to go just once to one of these shows! Lucky you! Enjoyed your post!


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