Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Redbud Trees

Redbud trees are one of the reasons I look forward to Spring. For the record, I don't know why they are called redbuds when they have purple flowers. Really and truly, it is hard to pick a favorite spring tree, but the redbud starts with an "r".

It has always been a personal goal to have a redbud tree in my yard, but, in all the places we've lived, there has never been a place to plant one. Imagine my delight when spring arrived, and I discovered that there was not one, not two, but THREE redbuds in my yard. Happy dance!

Ahh, so pretty, so lovely. Redbuds!


  1. Oh, lucky you! They're one of my favorites too. There's no way to deny that spring is here when they all burst into bloom.

    I also love how Redbud trees have blooms up and down every branch and even on the trunk of some of them. Beautiful. When we have our Someday Farm, I want Redbuds too. Lucky you.

  2. I LOVE them!!!! They are supposed to be the tree that Judas hung himself from. THREE, WOW, I would be in heaven!!!

  3. Lovely trees, lovely yard. In England a yard is a small paved area with no greenery at all. I'd call your yard a garden, a lovely big garden at that! When would you use the word 'garden'?

  4. I love these trees! I always wanted one also lucky lady!

  5. Those are gorgeous! What a fun surprise!


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