Sunday, April 1, 2012

A - Anticipation and Auctions

And...we're off! Today is the beginning of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I'm a little nervous that I may not be successful in this endeavor, but, I'm giving it a shot.

There has been much anticipation since about February, which resulted in a panic attack from time to time. And, now April has arrived, and I'm no more prepared than I was in February.

Since we are now living on a "farm", which consists of roughly five acres, Hubby is in need of certain pieces of farm equipment.  He has his red tractor, a plow and a disc. (Actually, I need to check with him to make sure I'm giving out the correct information. Truthfully, I'm not exactly sure what we have or what we need.)

The best place to find these needed items are at the Kidron Auction, where every Amishman and his brother take items to the auction. I was not overly thrilled to attend the auction, but, I knew Hubby was looking forward to it, so I decided to brave the weather and go with him. Were we having beautiful, unseasonably warm weather at the time of this auction? No, of course not. The unseasonably warm weather was the week before and the week after, but not the week of the auction. The weather we endured was cold, blowy, snowy, yucky, freezing, yucky weather.

We bundled up.  I was wearing: 3 pairs of socks, long johns, a pair of Hubby's pajama bottoms, jeans, three shirts, two sweatshirts, and was still freezing!
 Doesn't this look soooo interesting??

 The thing that Hubby wanted was that thing there in the middle. I am going to have to learn the names of farm equipment. (It's called a two bottom plow.) We did not take it home with us. 
The reason we did not take it home with us is because someone else wanted it  a lot more than we did. We go to an auction with the intention of getting a good deal, aware that these items are USED. Other people go to auctions with their checkbooks, but they leave their brains at home.(Quote from Hubby) If we are fortunate to get the first bid, we never, ever give the auctioneer what he's asking, because they always start out high. We always start lower. It's so annoying when people start out high. We were told by Hubby's farmer brother, that it wasn't worth going more than $250-$300. The auctioneer started out at $500, but got a bid for $250. Then something so strange happened. The auctioneer was trying to get the next bid for $300, when someone in the crowd shouted out "$500"! Huh? See what we mean about leaving their brains at home? People get goofy at auctions.  

 This is how I looked most of the time. It was stinkin' cold! 
 Need a good washing machine? There's lots to be had. I think they went for about $200.

 You know you're in "Amish Country" when you see a sign like this:


  1. My goodness me, those washing machines look like something out of the 40's or 50's!! I really think you should have bought one of those! Hee Hee! Great photos, but you know where you went wrong - you forgot to wear the pink feather boa. That would have made SUCH a difference! Eeek, so you're up for this A - Z challenge as well. Lots of my friends seem to be doing it. I'm afraid I'm not disciplined enough for things like that! Anyway, I wish you good luck with yours, and I hope the weather warms up soon for you.

  2. Well I would have enjoyed the auction thrill but not the weather. Maybe next time your husband will find the plow :) anyway happy ou are joining the challenge, I know I have fun with it!

  3. Haha, I agree with should wear the pink boa everywhere!

  4. Oh I am no good at an auction. I try to stay far away mainly because of the auctioneer. They talk so fast that I can't understand them and by the time I have figured out what the heck they said at the start, the auction is half way thru. :)

  5. Don't worry too much about not getting the plow, check out Craigslist and local ads. Start telling people you're looking and of course, pray. I can guarantee you'll find one, just when you need it most.

    Unfortunately, I would probably be the idiot at the auction. Guess it's a good thing that I don't have a checkbook. lol

  6. That sounds like an interesting experience. I think I'd much rather do something like that in the summer!

  7. I really hope your husband gets the tools that he needs and at a price you can afford. Everything costs so much money nowadays that we need to save where ever we can.

    Stay warm.

    God bless.


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