Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for New/ O is for Obstinate

Originally, the plan was to write about the short time Hubby and I lived in North Carolina, but it's kind of a long story, so I opted to tell a short story.

Remodeling projects can be long drawn-out affairs, with plenty of discouraging times. It is also a time when an appropriate motto is: adapt, improvise, overcome. 

As if on cue, adapt, improvise, and overcome, came into play yesterday.
My blog was just minutes away from being finished, when the electricity needed to be turned off. Hubby gave me the warning as he went down to the basement to start turning off the breakers one by one, while our electrician friend checked to see that the proper line was turned off. Then I held my breath as I heard each click of the breaker. As luck would have it, the computer is on the same electrical line as the outside light they were working on. Go figure. As a result, I was not able to post my N blog yesterday. So, today I'll just combine the two.

We are in such a time. In fact, Hubby and I spent the morning going from discount place to discount place, trying to find bathroom vanities that will fit into the space we have in our bathroom. No such luck. We finally stopped at a local cabinet store to find out the cost to have a vanity custom built. It's not like we are looking for something extremely exotic and expensive. We only want a 60" cabinet, one sink in the center, in a darker finish. No one has anything remotely close to that in stock.

Hubby has been working diligently on the plumbing this weekend, so that we can have our new water purifier installed, making it possible to run my new dishwasher and drink water out of the faucet. He will have a happy wife when that job is completed.

We've also decided that the new bathroom will be our new top priority. We're getting tired of showering in the basement. We had to choose between the kitchen or the bathroom. The kitchen is not finished, but functional, so we are ready to change our focus to the bathroom. Note to Amazing Daughter: After looking for a shower base to fit our space, and not finding anything, we've come to the conclusion that we will be putting a new tub in the bathroom. 

When we got home from our unproductive search, there was a large box of plants waiting to be placed in their new, as of now, undetermined home. If the wind ever quits blowing, I might get a chance to get outside and start planting. (That tall "Fragile" box at the left contains our new countertop, which will someday be installed.)

These are the "before" and "now" pictures of our bathroom. After Hubby gutted the bathroom, it became a storage room. 

O is for Obstinate

This is a walk down Memory Lane, way back in the day, when the kiddos were very young. Son #2 BD was in kindergarten, and Amazing Daughter was four years old. BD and Daughter were playing and she was not cooperating by doing what he wanted her to do. I was in the other room, listening to them. Suddenly, out of frustration, BD yelled to me, "Mom, she is being obstinate!" Now, I know my kids are smart, brilliant even, but when he said that, I nearly fell over. How did he know about that word, at age five? 

I learned later, that it was due to the Letter People. Miss O is obstinate. 

Well, I must close for now. We are continuing our search for bathroom vanities. Maybe we will be successful today.


  1. Darlene, you must check out Ana White. ( http://ana-white.com/ ) She has FREE plans to build just about anything. Pretty sure that you and your sweet DH could build a vanity to suit you and to fit the space. Good luck with the rebuild and the redo. It's hard to live in a place WHILE you're fixing it up.

    Here's her take on a builder's grade bathroom vanity, http://ana-white.com/2011/07/builder-grade-vanity

    This is the Kitchen counterpart, http://ana-white.com/2012/01/plans/kitchen-cabinet-sink-base-36-full-overlay-face-frame

    Hope this helps. She has tons of good plans and has built a community of builders that also submit plans. Her whole site is about regular people building things for their home. People like you and me. Check it out, I think you'll be amazed and inspired.

  2. Sorry, didn't mean to write a novelette.

  3. Hi Darlene. Do hope that you find that vanity unit that you need very soon! As the kitchen is functional, I think you are right to concentrate on the bathroom. Don't forget the before and after photos my friend. Loved that Miss O is obstinate. That certainly is a big word for a five year old!! Keep up the good work.

  4. When I first saw the word 'obstinate' I thought you were writing a post about me. LOL The Master bath needs to be completely gutted. Hubs has been putting it off for over 5 years now. It's annoying the crap out of me. And thoughts of it often cause me to become obstinate. :)

  5. Hello lady! I'm catching up on some reading today as my dad left this morning. I didn't post today but will post tomorrow. As for your project it looks like you have your hands full!
    My daughter at age 4 yelled to me as she hung upside down from her bunkbed ladder that she was in a precarious situation!
    I laughed so hard I was amazed I could get her untangled! Kids are hilarious!

  6. The letter people, they must be like the Little Miss and Little Mr. who live in Dillydale. I hope you show us your bathroom when it is all done!

  7. I know you will be thrilled when your bathroom is done. Good luck with finding a vanity.

  8. I remember the Letter People! Miss O was one of my favorites!

    Good luck with the vanity search. That's the kind of project that would drive me to drink.


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