Thursday, May 31, 2012

Phase One of the Kitchen is Done

I just realized that Blogger has taken me back to the old format. I like it so much better. I feel like I'm back home. Haha.

Well, I've just been a little busy lately, and everywhere I look, I see more work to do. I keep telling myself that someday, SOMEDAY, it will all be done. But, for now, I'm just working like a little bee, buzzing around, from flower to flower,... well, I'm not actually pollinating anything, maybe this bee comparison isn't working out quite right! 

I've never actually seen a chicken running around with its head cut off, but that is how I feel. Work needs to be done outside and inside - Son JT, and granddaughter, Sweetie Pie, will be coming the first week of July. JT has already made it clear that if our bathroom isn't finished, he will not be staying with us! For some reason, he doesn't like the idea of showering in the basement. He's already having second thoughts because we don't have A/C. I keep telling him we have a nice breeze in the house, but he's not convinced. And, our TV has died, but it's no skin off our backs because we don't have cable either. It sounds like we are living in the Dark Ages. BUT, I do have a functioning kitchen!

Have I posted my "AFTER" pictures? It's been so long since I blogged, that I can't remember.

I was going to show you all my outside work, but I'll show you my new kitchen instead. If I've already shown you, just humor me and act like you haven't seen them yet. It's so sad when the memory goes! 

This is actually just the first phase. I still need to get knobs, tile the backsplash, and eventually refinish the top cupboards to match the lower cupboards.

We had to have a stain custom made to match our cupboards for the front piece of the countertop. We went to Sherwin-Williams. I think they did a pretty darn good job. 

One job down, 25 more to go! But, who's counting? 

In the meantime, I'll be buzzing around, I mean clucking around, inside and out, trying to get everything done! (Do chickens "cluck" if their head is chopped off??)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Day Late...

Well, Hellooooooo!  I've had an unexpected little break from blogging, and am trying to get caught up on ev-ery thing. I don't think it's possible. Sigh.

I didn't get around to posting for Memorial Day, but, better late than never. So, here are a few photos from our parade. And, I guess there is never a wrong time to remember those who fought and died so that we could have freedom.

They bring out the big flag for important holidays

Part of the fun of parades is "people watching".
I think that lady pushing the stroller was either trying
to be patriotic, or she just came from Wal-Mart.
She might have pulled it off if she wore blue instead of black.

The parade began with Civil War re-enactors
giving a seven gun salute with their muskets.

I don't know, but maybe that woman is
supposed to be Betsy Ross.

This man walks the entire parade reading off
the names of our local patriots who have died
defending our freedom. Unfortunately, he is
followed by the band, who usually drowns him out.

This is a new addition

A sobering sight

A reminder of all who make sacrifices for our freedom


The band. Let me just say, back in the olden days
when I marched in the band, we did not have the
luxurey of wearing shorts and tee-shirts. Oh no.
We wore our full dress uniforms. Kids these days
have it soooooo easy! 

Let me just take the opportunity to thank everyone for visiting a commenting on my last post. I appreciate your comments, and it may take me awhile to get around to commenting back to you - mostly because I'm slow and easily distracted.  I could probably write an entire post on why it takes me so long...
But, in the meantime, let me say, THANK YOU!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Unsuccessful Sledding

I'm supposed to be looking for a Bed, Bath and Beyond location, but, I've gotten a bit distracted, which is what usually happens when I get on the computer. (Hopefully, I won't forget to go back and get directions.) I was looking at some old photos and videos I have on facebook, and I found this little video.  Now that it's finally spring, you may not want to watch a snowy video.

The occasion: Very snowy day, and Amazing Daughter wanted to sled down our hill. I hate being out in the snow, but, said I would go out with her. So, I recorded this little video as she attempted to slide down the hill.

Watching this totally cracks me up. It may give you a little chuckle, too. By the way, my family always makes fun of my laugh. It goes something like this: hahahahaha  ahhhhhh    hahahaha    ahhhhhh 
You'll hear it.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'm feeling very happy right now. Very happy. While I believe my happiness is due to the fact that work is being done in my kitchen, it is also quite possible that my euphoria is fume-induced. 

Hubby and son #2 have been working all day on countertops. They started this morning at 9 A.M., and have put in a full 12 hours. It is very slow and time-consuming work. But, when it is time for the glue...whoop-ee!

First they had to cut the particle board to fit the countertop.

All new particle board. Did you notice that the spigot is gone. Another day with no water in the kitchen. I'm not complaining, though, because the dishwasher can still be run.

The formica was taken outside to be measured and cut.

 The glue for the formica is a very tricky business. First of all, it makes you fly higher than a kite. Wheeee. Sorry. I've been inhaling a bit too much. Glue goes on both the particle board and also on the formica. Two coats for each. The next tricky part is getting the formica where it needs to be - exactly. The first time. There is no re-positioning. When the two meet, they are stuck together forever. Old broom handles to keep the two from meeting until the formica is where it needs to be. 
 Then one by one, they pull out a broom handle...
and start rolling.
Then, viola! New counter top!
 I have to stain around the edges. We've been so busy that we haven't had time to find a matching stain. It would have been much easier to have all the staining done first, but, we like to do things the hard way.

When I started feeling a little too happy, I went outside and transplanted my strawberry plants.

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