Sunday, May 13, 2012

Unsuccessful Sledding

I'm supposed to be looking for a Bed, Bath and Beyond location, but, I've gotten a bit distracted, which is what usually happens when I get on the computer. (Hopefully, I won't forget to go back and get directions.) I was looking at some old photos and videos I have on facebook, and I found this little video.  Now that it's finally spring, you may not want to watch a snowy video.

The occasion: Very snowy day, and Amazing Daughter wanted to sled down our hill. I hate being out in the snow, but, said I would go out with her. So, I recorded this little video as she attempted to slide down the hill.

Watching this totally cracks me up. It may give you a little chuckle, too. By the way, my family always makes fun of my laugh. It goes something like this: hahahahaha  ahhhhhh    hahahaha    ahhhhhh 
You'll hear it.


  1. This is really a scream!! I think that wheels on the bottom of the sled might help some!

  2. LOL You'll have to watch that again this summer when it gets too hot.

  3. I really needed to see something that would make me laugh for a few minutes.

    Thank you.

    God bless.

  4. Dearest Darlene,
    Oh, you gave me a smile♡♡♡ I am not a summer person and loves snow!
    I wish I could do these things myself(*^_^*)
    Also, I wonder how you could up load the video to blogger. My husband said never, but I once wanted to upload the scene he is playing saxophone or makin soba p;)

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Dear Darlene, . . . for some reason the video was missing from the blog when I got here. I'd have loved to hear you laugh! Peace.

  6. Dear Darlene, . . . I came back and there the video was. Ah, a poltergeist in my computer! I laughed out loud at the sledding and with you in the laughter. Peace.

  7. You had me giggling here! Tell her to pour cold water on the area she wants to sled on then wait a few minutes.. Yes it does turn to ice but man will she fly! lol

  8. Too funny! I guess the snow is too deep? Did she ever get down the hill? :-)

  9. I don't know what I laughed more about - your wonderful laugh or your daughter's earnest attempts at movement on the sled. I do know I needed a good laugh. Thanks, Darlene!


  10. Hey just checking in on you. Hope all is going well. Miss you.


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