Saturday, December 29, 2012

Continuing with the Photo Challenge 2012

Sigh. I'm so far behind with my photo challenge, and blogging in general. I'm going to make a new year's resolution right now. I resolve to be a better blogger next year. Unfortunately, I've never been very good at keeping new year's resolutions, but, I can always hope that this will be the year!

So, now I will press on and show you my beautiful and breath-taking photos, in my attempt to meet the challenge of two lists.

December 17: Comforting/Presents

What can I say? Food is comforting!

Do you like how the presents are
color-coordinated to match my room?
December 18: It's cold outside/Presents
When it's cold outside, I want to be inside!

 December 19: Light/Candy cane

 December 20: Furry face/ Tree topper
My kitty, Rascal, likes to be inside, too.

I made this angel many years ago. Sorry for the fuzzy
picture. It looked fine before I downloaded it.
I'm blaming the fuzzy demons.
 December 21: Wrapped/Peace
It is only an illusion that this scene might resemble
Christmas morning.

 December 22: Warmth/Tradition

This is what I fix every Christmas Eve -
Pickle Rolls and Sausage Snacks.
Even though, we usually have Mexican food,
these little snacks are
a must for Christmas Eve!
 December 23: Bokeh/Scarf
This may not be quite the definition of "bokeh",
but it will have to do! 

A closet full of scarves.
Somebody gets cold, but it isn't me, haha!
 December 24: 'Twas the Night/Favorite Part of Christmas Eve
My brother owns a putt-putt family entertainment place,
and the family has been gathering here for the past several
years. We have a White Elephant gift exchange, and my dad plays Santa
to the grandkids and great-grandkids.

So, this is my plate full of food for Christmas Eve.
I told you I was a foodie!

Stay tuned for the remainder of the challenge! Coming soon,(but I can't say exactly when!)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Till next time!

Monday, December 17, 2012

December Photo Challenge Dec.11 - 16

Continuing with the two December Photo Challenges:

December 11:Green/On the Shelf

My rose bush
Part of my Santa collection

December 12: Beautiful sight/Sweet
OK. You may not agree that this is a beautiful sight, but in Ohio, at this time of year, green is a beautiful. I like having a white Christmas, but the white doesn't have to come until December 23, and can leave by December 31. 

This one could also qualify for a beautiful sight! 

December 13: Tis the Season/Family
This is my Christmas Cactus, although it does not appear to be ready for Christmas. Not one bloom is showing. I think it got confused because it started getting blooms in October, but then stopped. So I think it must have decided to go on vacation. 
This is part of my family - Amazing Daughter, and son, B.D.

December 14: Black and White/Christmas tree

December 15: Something Yum/Favorite Christmas Song

To see something "yum" refer to the plate of cookies. (I know. That's cheating. Deal with it.)
How do you take a picture of a song? I have a lot of favorites, but the one that seemed most appropriate after the horrific tragedy is the song, "My Grown-up Christmas Wish"  ..."No more lives torn apart..."

December 16: Hands at Work/Outside Christmas lights
These are not actually hands AT work, but they are hands THAT work.

Again, not quite the assignment of lights, but I couldn't resist showing you Santa and his (John) Deere. Pretty clever, eh?

Until next time,

Monday, December 10, 2012

More December Photo Challenge 2012

I'm a little behind in posting my photos for the two challenges I'm doing, as we all knew I would be. For the record, (and completely off subject I might add,) is there any grammar rule more irritating than "never end a sentence with a preposition"? I would like to know who made up that rule, and what is so bad about ending a sentence with a preposition? I do it all the time. Snicker snicker. Anyway, now that I have that off my chest, I will proceed with posting my photos. 

December 6: Burst of Red/Shopping

 I've debated on whether or not to include this silly, fuzzy photo. It's not a good photo, (I don't have to tell you that), but, it's the only shopping I've done.

December 7: Bright/View from Here

 December 8: Ornaments/Shopping
 (Don't worry, I won't repost my shopping picture!)

December 9: Decorated/Something I'm Reading
If you really want to know what I'm reading, you can check out the last post, but it's really not that interesting.

December 10: Wrapping paper/Stripes

That's all for now.I hope you're getting all your Christmas shopping done!   

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Photo Challenge

Here are the photos for this week, so far. I suppose that I should clarify that I am taking this challenge with not one, but TWO different lists. What was I thinking????? I think the possiblity ran through my little brain that I could chose one or the other, but now that the challenge is on, well, I feel challenged to complete both lists. As if I don't have enough to do for the month of December!

December 3: Red and What I'm reading

December 4: Shadow Play and Joyous

The reason to be joyous!

December 5:Today's Temperature and Someone I love
I really can't complain about today's temperature, even though I am. I'm not sure what the "high" is supposed to be, but 36 degrees isn't too bad for this time of year.

However, I was much, much happier with the temperature of the other day!

And, here are the people I love most in the world.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photo Challenge for December

I may be crazy for even comtemplating do this, but I'm going to give it a try. Amazing Daughter has challenged me to take a picture every day for the month of December. Actually, I think there is some kind of a photo challenge for the entire year, but let's not kid ourselves. I know THAT will never happen.

I'm not the greatest photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures. My daughter, Jennee, on the other hand, has an "eye" for photography that makes me jealous. I always go for the big picture, while she focuses on the up-close shots. We have a joke that she takes a picture first, then I can copy the shot to take my picture. 

I may not post everyday, but I'm going to try to take a picture every day, and eventually post it. 

So without further ado, here is the first installment:

December 1: Introduce myself, and view of the day
I'm terrible at introductions. This is me, giving Hubby a helping hand on his current job. He's had some fun jobs lately, and this one is no exception. When I'm not working inside at the library, I'm bundled up trying not to freeze to death and working outside. I have my supply of sweatshirts, and jackets, and as Hubby works and starts to sweat and shed his coats, I grab them and put them on on top of everything else I'm wearing. I'm the "holder" and the "go-fer".

Views of the day:

While helping Hubby, I had to go inside the barn, climb up the stairs and hand the drills to him out through that big opening. While I was up there, I noticed how cool the inside of the barn was. The next time I had to go back up there, I took my camera with me. I also saw what I assumed to be a pigeon egg lying in the middle of the barn floor.
Inside the barn
Also inside the barn

December 2: Favorite holiday movie and "elf"
I always have a hard time with "favorite". As soon as I declare something to be favorite, the unchosen thing jumps up and says "what about me?" So here is a list of Christmas movies I never get tired of watching. One that I don't have on dvd but is on my Christmas list is "Christmas in Connecticut" with Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan. I love that movie! 

And this is my little elf kitty. She eventually forgave me for this humiliating experience.

Until next time,

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