Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Photo Challenge

Here are the photos for this week, so far. I suppose that I should clarify that I am taking this challenge with not one, but TWO different lists. What was I thinking????? I think the possiblity ran through my little brain that I could chose one or the other, but now that the challenge is on, well, I feel challenged to complete both lists. As if I don't have enough to do for the month of December!

December 3: Red and What I'm reading

December 4: Shadow Play and Joyous

The reason to be joyous!

December 5:Today's Temperature and Someone I love
I really can't complain about today's temperature, even though I am. I'm not sure what the "high" is supposed to be, but 36 degrees isn't too bad for this time of year.

However, I was much, much happier with the temperature of the other day!

And, here are the people I love most in the world.


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