Monday, December 17, 2012

December Photo Challenge Dec.11 - 16

Continuing with the two December Photo Challenges:

December 11:Green/On the Shelf

My rose bush
Part of my Santa collection

December 12: Beautiful sight/Sweet
OK. You may not agree that this is a beautiful sight, but in Ohio, at this time of year, green is a beautiful. I like having a white Christmas, but the white doesn't have to come until December 23, and can leave by December 31. 

This one could also qualify for a beautiful sight! 

December 13: Tis the Season/Family
This is my Christmas Cactus, although it does not appear to be ready for Christmas. Not one bloom is showing. I think it got confused because it started getting blooms in October, but then stopped. So I think it must have decided to go on vacation. 
This is part of my family - Amazing Daughter, and son, B.D.

December 14: Black and White/Christmas tree

December 15: Something Yum/Favorite Christmas Song

To see something "yum" refer to the plate of cookies. (I know. That's cheating. Deal with it.)
How do you take a picture of a song? I have a lot of favorites, but the one that seemed most appropriate after the horrific tragedy is the song, "My Grown-up Christmas Wish"  ..."No more lives torn apart..."

December 16: Hands at Work/Outside Christmas lights
These are not actually hands AT work, but they are hands THAT work.

Again, not quite the assignment of lights, but I couldn't resist showing you Santa and his (John) Deere. Pretty clever, eh?

Until next time,


  1. LOVE the farmer's Santa sled and deere:)

  2. Great photos. Santa and his John Deere! Groan!

  3. Ok, I think there is something wrong with me...all I see are the cookies! ;0)
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. dear darlene,
    your santa collection is soo beautiful and those cookies look really scrumptious!

    have a very merry christmas!


  5. I love that Amy Grant CD - play it every year!


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