Friday, May 28, 2010

I Married Mr. (Always) Right

I don't mean that in a bad way, but Hubby is almost always right.  Take the other night, for example.  I had been working outside, mostly cleaning the patio, putting plants in the garden, that kind of stuff. I came in from working, and the inside of my wrist was a little itchy.  I took a look at it, and it looked like some kind of a rash.  I said to Hubby, "I think I have a rash, maybe from the heat." (I really had no clue, but thought that sounded good.) He took one glimpse at it and said, "You've got poison ivy or poison oak. STAY AWAY FROM ME!"  I said, "You barely looked at it, how do you know?" He said,"Don't have to. It's poison ivy. Don't touch me."

Now, I have not had poison ivy since I was 12 years old. Not a pleasant experience. On the other hand, a good year for Hubby is to have poison ivy only one time per summer. In all the years we have been married, and the countless times he has had poison ivy, I have never got it. So, I didn't really believe him when he said that's what I had. I was certain that in a day or two, my itchy rash would be gone.  I wasn't in the woods. I wasn't pulling weeds. There was no way that I had poison ivy.

Well, instead of going away, my rash got all bubbly and seepy.  So, I had to pull out the Calamine lotion, and admit that I do have poison ivy. But, oddly enough, Hubby has shown no sign of having poison ivy. Usually, if he is in the same room as someone with poison ivy, he will get it. 

I just hope this does not mean that we are switching roles! Boo for poison ivy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Have Not Fallen Off the Earth!

I am so excited to be blogging today!  I haven't blogged for so long that maybe you thought I may have fallen off the face of the earth. Or, maybe you thought I actually forgot that I have a blog! I have been known to forget a LOT of things.  Or, maybe you thought I buried myself in my garden, accidentally, of course. I'm happy to say that it is none of those reasons. The real reason has been quite simple, really.
Due to our economic status of no regular work, we have been trying to save every penny we can. We haven't had cable for over a year, and I must say, haven't really missed it. We have been getting internet service by catching the internet waves as they fly overhead. But, lately, they haven't been flying over (or the neighbors have quit paying their bills!!), and we just haven't been able to get online.  I sat down at the computer today, as I have been doing everyday. My plan was to hit the internet button, see the failure to connect sign, then play a few games of spider solitaire. But today, lo and behold, I got online! Yipee!  I have missed blogging and reading everyone else's blogs. So, I just want to say to all my followers, (if you are still following), and those who have left comments, I will eventually, get back to blogging more regularly, and I promise to visit all your blogs.

After about three weeks without internet service, we have decided to bite the bullet, and sign up for internet service. (It may still take us a few weeks to go through with it, but we will eventually!) 

Well, I'm going to stop blogging now, and try to visit a few of your blogs, while I'm still connected! Have a good day, and keep on blogging!
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