Thursday, May 31, 2012

Phase One of the Kitchen is Done

I just realized that Blogger has taken me back to the old format. I like it so much better. I feel like I'm back home. Haha.

Well, I've just been a little busy lately, and everywhere I look, I see more work to do. I keep telling myself that someday, SOMEDAY, it will all be done. But, for now, I'm just working like a little bee, buzzing around, from flower to flower,... well, I'm not actually pollinating anything, maybe this bee comparison isn't working out quite right! 

I've never actually seen a chicken running around with its head cut off, but that is how I feel. Work needs to be done outside and inside - Son JT, and granddaughter, Sweetie Pie, will be coming the first week of July. JT has already made it clear that if our bathroom isn't finished, he will not be staying with us! For some reason, he doesn't like the idea of showering in the basement. He's already having second thoughts because we don't have A/C. I keep telling him we have a nice breeze in the house, but he's not convinced. And, our TV has died, but it's no skin off our backs because we don't have cable either. It sounds like we are living in the Dark Ages. BUT, I do have a functioning kitchen!

Have I posted my "AFTER" pictures? It's been so long since I blogged, that I can't remember.

I was going to show you all my outside work, but I'll show you my new kitchen instead. If I've already shown you, just humor me and act like you haven't seen them yet. It's so sad when the memory goes! 

This is actually just the first phase. I still need to get knobs, tile the backsplash, and eventually refinish the top cupboards to match the lower cupboards.

We had to have a stain custom made to match our cupboards for the front piece of the countertop. We went to Sherwin-Williams. I think they did a pretty darn good job. 

One job down, 25 more to go! But, who's counting? 

In the meantime, I'll be buzzing around, I mean clucking around, inside and out, trying to get everything done! (Do chickens "cluck" if their head is chopped off??)


  1. Chickens do not cluck when their heads are chopped off! haha So I'm guessing yours is still safely attached no worries! Your kitchen looks amazing. Tell your boy to make you proud and not be a pansy. hee hee. It always works with my boys.. Just sayin.
    Try not to overdo it. Don't want you killing yourself. Remember there is always tomorrow. :) I say that but I'm exactly like you. I would have a hard time resting until it's done!Do as I say not as I do!

  2. It is beautiful! The one thing I do remember is that wonderful sink!

  3. You're going to have to get cracking, to make sure that little Sweetie Pie is able to come and stay!!! I love the new kitchen. It looks gorgeous, and you must be SO thrilled with it! Love the sink and the little unit with the wicker baskets at the bottom. Can't say that I envy you with all that work you have to do, but I know that it will all be so worth waiting for! Take care.

  4. I like it. I'll like it even more when the cabinets have knobs.

  5. OMG- I am coveting your kitchen sink! I must have one of those! Tell me how you like it! Pros/cons- surely there aren't any cons? LOL

  6. It looks beautiful, especially the sink. And to have all those cabinets would be wonderful. My kitchen sucks as far as cabinets go. Would be so grateful to have so many.

    God bless.

  7. Dear Darlene, what a wonderfully spacious kitchen with so much cabinet space. You are so going to enjoy cooking there! Peace.


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