Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Oh, how I wish I could re-create the last 30 minutes for you. What the heck. I'm going to give it a try. All I can do is fail miserably.

I just got home from chorus practice. Amazing Daughter had made some brownies, and I grabbed one, possibly two, maybe even three, a glass of milk and made my way to the computer. Man, were those brownies good. A little crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. I forced myself to stay in the chair, even though those brownies were screaming my name! (For the record, it's a brownie mix by Ghiradelli - TRIPLE chocolate - no less! The best brownies EV-ER!)

After a little while, Amazing Daughter came out of her room. She was wondering if I had come up with my "V" blog yet. 

I told her I was still trying to think of something. "I thought about "Voice" and writing about my concert. You know we're singing "Joyful Joyful" - the song from Sister Act 2. I'm kind of worried about it. Not sure we can pull it off."

She made a face at my idea, then said, "Oh yeah? Who's doing the rap?"

"No one. We don't have any rap."

"Well, then, it's not from Sister Act."

"Yes it is", I insisted, "just without the rap."

Just picture a bunch of gray hairs up there singing. You may understand my concern.

Anyway, we found ourselves wandering back over to the half-eaten  pan of brownies. We both agreed that we could easily eat the entire pan ourselves.

So, while we are scarfing down more brownies, she starts shouting out v-word possibilities.

"Vengence! Vicious! Vendetta!"

I'm laughing. "Opps. I varted."

"Vampires! VOCABULARY! Victor - from Dollhouse." 

We both pause for a moment. "Ah, Victor." Sigh.
By this time, I am very full from the brownies. "Is there a "v" word for gluttony?" I ask.

"Valentine! Vanilla! Velveeta! Oh, here's a good one - varicose veins!"

"Bleck." I say while holding my stomach. "I'm so full from those brownies...I feel like I could...Vomit!"

By this time we are both laughing so hard it's a wonder I didn't have to make an emergency run to the bathroom!

"Oh how I wish I could have been video-taping this. HA! Video!"

And on that note, Amazing Daughter retired to her room.

In case you are wondering. We did, indeed, finish off the entire pan of brownies ourselves. But, sshhhh, don't tell anybody. It's kind of embarrassing!


  1. What an amazing late night moment with your daughter, you are so very blessed to be so close and have laughs like this together!! Not to mention her baking!

  2. You two sound so sweet together. It's great that you're close.

    I've eaten that way before, although generally I'll do it with savory snacks. I can polish off an order of fried mushrooms so fast, your head will spin.

  3. A wonderful daughter and brownies go very well together. :-) You are blessed.


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