Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T - The Rest of the Story/ U - Uninspired

The blogger demons are at it again. I'm horrified to notice that the first part of my blog on "T is for Torture" is missing! Did you feel like you were thrown into the middle of a story? Because you were.

This is what was mysteriously deleted by the blogger demons:

Over the weekend, I met a true American hero. (I had heard about his story several months earlier because he works with BIL#8.) A large group of family and friends met together for supper before going to watch our nephew perform in a high school play of The Wizard of Oz. The group was so large that I didn't actually get to meet him and shake his hand, but rather just waved hello from a distance, as introductions were being made.

He served under three presidents, starting with Ronald Reagan. I don't know all the details, but this is what I was told. He served in the Air Force, and he and 20 others found themselves held captive by the enemy. (I'm trying to think back on what was going on during the 80's, but I was busy with three little babies, so that timefram is kind of a blur.) When the 20 were questioned, they answered the questions and were sent home. Not so for our hero. When they questioned him, he pretty much told them to go to you-know-where, and only gave his name, rank, and serial number. That didn't go over too well. He was tortured. He was waterboarded. They pulled out all of his teeth. No matter what they did to him, all he gave them was name, rank, and serial number. I don't know how or when he was released. But, when he was back home, he was specifically and personally called out by President Reagan, because the President wanted to shake his hand. Our hero felt very honored. (Part Two )


U is for Unexpected, Uninspired, Underwhelming

Fingers drumming on the desk. Loud sighs. Oh, look at the pretty birdies outside! Sipping coffee. Blank stares. U...u...u. This dictionary open to the "u" section, is filled with lots of "un-" words. 

Here's a word I've never heard used: unpregnant - it doesn't mean not pregnant - it means: inept.  

Her uninspired blog was not only underwhelming, but, unpregnant as well. Maybe someday she will learn how to unbosom herself. 

Yep, I threw in another word I've never heard used: unbosom - it means to give expression to; disclose, reveal. 

And, here is one more surprising (to me) entry:
"United States: a federation of states esp. when forming a nation in a usu.  specified territory "

OK. I was NOT expecting to see that! United States of Europe? I have never, ever heard that one. Have you, my European friends, ever heard of that? I know there is another name, which has been brain-farted right out of my head at the moment, so you will have to re-enlighten me. But there was not one mention of the United States of America. (That definition might really confuse some poor child in the public education system.) 

Here's another good one: utopian socialism. I could write an entire blog on this one, but, surprisingly, the definition sums it up quite nicely.

Utopian socialism: socialism based on the belief that social ownership of the means of production can be achieved by voluntary and peaceful surrender of their holdings by propertied groups

And that, my friends, is why utopian socialism will never work. Not to mention that human beings are flawed, and there is no possible way (in this life), that there will ever be a "place of ideal perfection esp. in laws, government, and social conditions".

For some reason, I have an urge to bake an upside-down cake. Unfortunately, my arms will be performing an up and down motion all day while painting.

Have an uproarisly unforgetable day. 

Until tomorrow!


  1. Darlene you are hilarious. Good luck with the painting. How great to see a true hero like that. Great story - thanks for sharing.

  2. Dang it! Now I want a pineapple upside down cake!

  3. Well, I did think that your thoughts were a little disjointed...but had no idea that a whole part of the story was gone!


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