Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Darling, Dahling, Darlene

This idea just kind of hit me at the last minute. So either I'm a doo-doo, or narcissitic, or just unimiginative.  I come from a family of D names: (Parents)Donald, Dorcas, Darlene, (sister) Donna, (brothers)Dana, David, and Douglas.

I decided to tell you a little more about myself just using D words. So, here goes...

Words that describe me starting with the letter D:

Ding-Dong - Avon used to be calling
Donut lover
Daffodil planter 
Dark chocolate lover
Driver to the Crazy Farm
Delightful on occasion
Delicious food lover
Dick vanDyke Show fan
Dieter - nah
Doer of stupid things
Dog lover - not really, OK, not at all
Doubter of self
Drinker of homemade brandy and wine
Drunk - only a few times when the brandy showed its strength too late
Devoted to Hubby, Kiddos, and Sweetie Pie
Dingleberry - Sadly Hubby agreed to this one
Dessert Freak
Discombobulated most of the time
Doofus Head
Destroyer of weeds in my garden
Defender of Truth
Dazzling brilliance!

OK, so that last one, which may or may not be true, was added just to end on an up-beat.


  1. Best D post yet! Very imaginitive, informative, and illustrative.

    Gregg Metcalf

  2. Well at least your dazzling brilliance outshines your disappointingness!! (I know that's not really a word!). You've come up with a great list there. Wow! You have a lot of D names in your family. I like Dorcas.

  3. Love your list, made me start thinking of P words to describe me!

  4. hah, okay, let's see, the 'D' words of yours that I loved...donut lover, dark chocolate and devoted...those are my favorites! plus I AM a dog lover :) good post!

  5. I love dark chocolate too but, oh dear, you don't like dogs. *sulks*

  6. What a cute idea!!! This list about you kind of reminds me of Lucy Ricardo!!!

  7. Lovely list and also a Dick van Dyke fan :)

  8. Oddly enough, I could think of a story for each one of these descriptions.....

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  10. Lots of descriptive words there. I think I cannot think of another "D" word or name. I think I would have to look in a dictionary to find any more.

    God bless.

  11. I certainly agree, delightful, as always.

  12. I absolutely love this! So creative and fun :)


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