Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Insomnia

Whew! Panic was starting to set in. Here it is, time for the "I" post, and "I" didn't have a clue on what the topic would be. My initial thought was to write about ice cream, but I'd much rather eat it than write about it. Surely you're wondering about my favorite flavor. It's mint chocolate chip. But, the chocolate chips must be big and chunky, not that thin shaved stuff. Yummm. Really, and truly, we are ice cream hogs. (Do I hear an "AMEN" from you, Jennee?)

The second "I" that went through my head was "isinglass" , as in, imagine me singing, hopefully on key, "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" from Oklahoma!, ..."with isinglass curtains you can roll right down, in case there's a change in the weah-ther", but, I couldn't imagine an entire blog on isinglass. (Yes, I realize that is one crazy, long sentence.) I'm not even sure what isinglass is, and I'm sure I could look it up in the dictionary, but that would require me getting up from my chair, looking for my reading glasses, searching for the dictionary, bringing it back to the desk, then painstakingly reading then typing each word. I'm much too lazy to do that. Oh I know there is this new-fangled thing called "google", but I'm afraid that if I start googling, I'll get distracted, and may never get back here. So, you'll have to look it up yourself if you really want to know.

Then I remembered that I've been having this little problem with insomnia. But then again, it's not that interesting of a topic. Here's what happens. I go to sleep, with no problem. But, for the past two nights, at precisely 2:00 A.M. I wake up because one or both of my hands has gone numb. Usually, this is a temporary annoyance, with the numbness going away after 30 minutes or so. But, lately, they stay numb for hours. I've tried sleeping while sitting up and letting my arms dangle, but it doesn't help. The first night, with hands still numb, and wide awake at 4 A.M. I decided to get up and to a little organizing of my crap craft room. Within a few minutes of working, my hands were no longer numb. So, I worked for an hour then went back to bed. The second night, the same thing happened. My hands stayed numb for two hours until I got up out of bed and started working in my craft room. I wonder if it's possible that Hubby has done some mind control thing to make sure I wake up and get some work done!

So, in honor of the letter "I", I give you...

And, for you listening pleasure,


  1. I suffer from insomnia several times a year and it is the worst because it usually goes on for days and days.After the third day or so i start to feel like i am going nuts!
    last night...I slept like a baby! Thank God!
    Great post! Blessings, Joanne

  2. Generally speaking, I do sleep like a baby but, occasionally I lie awake for hours, and it's not nice at all, especially when it goes on for a few nights on the trot. I pray that the numbness in your hand will soon pass, and that you get some rest.

  3. Yawn, I'm so tired after reading this...good thing I'm laying in bed and ready to nap!

  4. You're fun, Darlene. I enjoyed this post and photos. Of course, the ice-cream one is my favorite. It took all the strength of my being to not look up "isinglass" - typed while eyeing the dictionary to my left. Sorry around your arm numbing thing. That's odd and annoying, but you're making the most of that time.


  5. PS I meant "about" not "around," and "insiglass" isn't in my olde Oxford. Drats. Wikipedia here I come.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your insomnia and the odd numbing of your arm. I always google these odd symptoms in order to get the biggest bang for my worry buck. Now, here is the oddest thing. I spontaneously broke out in song (which is never a pretty thing)this morning. Guess what I was singing. You guessed it. That shiny Little Surrey With The Fringe On The Top.... How weird is that :)


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