Monday, April 30, 2012

Look Carefully Then Proceed with Caution

This could have very easily ended up in the dreaded "Embarrassing Moments" file, but, thankfully, I stopped myself in the nick of time.

Our Choral Union concert was Saturday night. I had to arrive earlier than Hubby, so I had given him instructions to sit near the back, then I could come and sit with him after the intermission, and until we sang our "grand finale". 

The theme for our concert was "love, love, love". Yes, three loves. We opened with "All You Need is Love" , then some selections from Cole Porter and Ira Gershwin (Embraceable You, You Do Something to Me, Let's Do It,) followed by some contemporary songs. The men sang, "Happy Together". It was extremely hard not to sing along with them!

All during the concert, I was scanning the small crowd, trying to find Hubby. With the lights on the stage, and the darkness of the auditorium, it was not easy. But, suddenly I spotted him. He has this little hat that he wears, and breaks the rules by not taking it off when he is inside. It looks similiar to this one, but it's all one color. Usually, it's his work hat, but sometimes he wears it when he's not working. And, tonight he was wearing it. Ah, good. It made it easier to find him.

After the men sang their selection, it was time for the ladies to sing their song, "Always". That song was sung at our wedding (33 years ago in May!) So, while I was singing, "I'll be loving you always..." I was looking right at him, and hoping he remembered that song.

When it was time for intermission, I made my way towards his direction, which means that I had to come up from behind him. But, as I got closer and closer, I started to doubt my eyes. Have I mentioned that I need to get my eyes checked? I stopped. I looked. Now, in my defense, the auditorium was still pretty dark. I saw the hat. But, it didn't really look like Hubby. I looked again. Nope. I'm now certain. It was not Hubby! 

Luckily, Hubby was sitting right where I stopped to reconsider. I quickly sat down beside him, laughing. "I almost sat down with that guy up there!" 

Hubby didn't understand. "That guy looks nothing like me."

"I know. But, I was looking at the hat."  

Poor Hubby. He just doesn't know what to make of me most of the time. He just shakes his head. 

Shortly after, another lady that sings with us, sat down by her husband, who was wearing the hat. I laughed. "Do you think I should tell her I almost sat with her husband?"

"Just keep your mouth shut." He said. And, so I did! But I really wanted to tell her!


  1. A cute story! I was afraid you were going to go up to the guy and hug him!!

  2. That did make me smile!! Really, we're not safe to be let out on our own, are we?! Hee Hee!!

  3. Dear Darlene, . . . For all of April, while the A to Z blogging was going on, I was away from home and didn't post new stories. Nor did I respond to comments, such as yours. Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting. I do so appreciate hearing from readers.

    And thank you, also, for this delightful story of you and your embarrassing moment. I wonder if that other man realized you were singing to him and wondered why????? Ah, life is good.


  4. Hahahahahaha WHEW! That was a close one! I wonder if he noticed you looking right at him during the song? LOL Y'all sang some great songs!

  5. I'm laughing so hard right now! I walked up to a guy of similar size as my husband two years ago and grabbed his hand. He said Your back fast! That is when we both realized we were with the wrong person. I turned around and Phil and the girl where walking up looking all kinds of shocked.
    I cracked up laughing. Phil stays right by my side now. He says if he doesn't I'll probably end up in someone else car driving off who knows where..
    He may be right. :)

  6. Oh that is something that I would have definitely done! could you imagine if you had run up and gave him a hug and kiss??!!! I shutter to think!LOL!
    BLessings, Joanne


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