Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's time for the letter "s". You are reading this on Saturday, but I'm writing this on Friday night, and I am sleepy. I almost slipped away from the desk. I suspect that today's blog will be full on silliness.

Hubby and I are traveling down to Cincinnati, a four hour drive, to see our nephew in "The Wizard of Oz". We thought he would have the part of the Scarecrow, but he is the Tin Man. I'm sure he will do a superb job.

I can't believe I'm going to tell you about this, because, it is something I detest more than anything else, but it starts with the letter sssss. And it hisses. And it slithers. And I am getting the shivers just thinking about it. And, I now have my legs wrapped around my neck just thinking about this s-thing. No. I am not going to type out the actual word. When I was young, if I saw a picture of one in a book, I would not touch the page!

I've had quite a few experiences with this s-thing, but my legs are starting to cramp up, so I'll just tell one story. shiver shiver

My grandparents lived out in the country, and almost every time we would go to visit, I would see several of these skinny, slimy, slithery, s-things. My brother chased me with one, but that's another story. This one particular day, my sister and I were walking around outside. I had found a big stick to use for walking. (I guess we liked to pretend we were Moses. We were always looking for good walking sticks.) I told her that I would help her find a good stick. We walked around their large yard, when I spotted a great looking stick. It was nice and straight.Perfect. I started to reach for it, but then at the last minute decided to touch it with my stick. 

When I put my stick on it, it slithered away! I stood there frozen in fear for a few moments, then dropped my stick and ran to the house. Shiver, shiver, shiver.

Now, if you will please help me unwrap my legs from around my neck, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not as flexible as I used to be!


  1. I hate those S things as well, but as for legs are lucky to get up enough to cross one over the other's knee...your NECK??? Dang gurl!

  2. I agree! Snakes are gross and creepy and if I get to heaven, I'll say to God, "What were you thinking?!"

  3. Yuk. We had on eon the patio right by the backdoor last week. I was glad to see it slither away. :)

  4. I would probably die if I had an encounter with one!!!! The good part is that where there are snakes, there are no mice or rats. But I would rather have them than snakes!

  5. Siver siver story is great.Thanks for share this.

  6. Don't ever live in NM. I killed more rattle um s_things than I care to remember. Yuck


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