Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the Road Again

Perhaps I should say that we are STILL on the road! Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever be home long enough to get all moved in to our new house. Hubby and I left last week for Nashville to visit our son and granddaughter. Son didn't have vacation time, so it is our "job" to keep Sweetie Pie entertained while he is at work. Or, maybe I should say that she keeps us entertained while he is at work.

She turns six next week. Where did the time go? Most of our time is spent playing "Peter Pan" or "Rapunzel". There is a Civil War statue nearby, which we walk to at least once a day. At the statue, there are also long, cement benches, which turn into a ship's plank. "Wendy" bravely walks the plank, while "Cap'n Hook" (Pappy) urges her on. Meanwhile, "Peter" (for once, I'm not the witch!) waits to swoop in and rescue her before she splashes into the water. After playing that for 500 times, we go to the park and switch to Rapunzel. This time Pappy gets to be Prince Eugene and I'm Mother Gothal. Pappy tries to hurry the story along and wants to cut Rapunzel's hair, but he is quickly reminded that "it's not time for that, Pappy!".

We did have one mishap, as we usually do, in the middle of the week, as usual, when there is not enough time for complete healing. Sometimes I have to double as Cap'n Hook and Peter Pan. Cap'n Hook was chasing Wendy, she fell, nose first, right on the concrete. OUCH!! Took the skin right off her cute little nose. There wasn't much blood, but we had to put a bandaid on every little spot, which was not easy on a little nose. And then, we have to send her back home with a scabbed up nose. Her mom probably wonders what in the world we do that she always comes home with some kind of boo-boo. (We have fun and play hard, that's what we do!)

After our week was up, we drove out to Little Rock, AR to visit some friends, since we were half-way there. We had a nice time and ate some great food. Then we left on Monday morning for Indiana, so Hubby could work with BIL for a few days. I did a little painting for SIL, but now I have the day to myself. Tomorrow, I may be helping her strip wallpaper. The fun never ends!

We have been having all this beautiful weather, but can't be home to start getting our garden ready, and bush-hogging the "yard". Oh, there's so much to do! We have a water purifier system coming on Friday, so we have to get home before that is delivered. The plan is to get the water purifier set up, and get my kitchen sink installed. It will seem like pure luxury to have a working sink again. Maybe we'll even get the dishwasher hooked up. That will seem like heaven!

I have a bunch of pictures to show you, but, can't be home long enough to get them downloaded. (Good news! I found my camera cable wire!) I wonder if life will ever get back to normal. I wonder if I'll ever be able to get all moved in. I wonder if life will ever slow down enough for us to enjoy it. It seems the harder we try to slow down and simplify, the more we hear "not yet".

But, we'll keep doing the things we need to do, in order to accomplish the things we want to accomplish, even if it kills us! heehee 


  1. We can't wait to see our grandkids and then we are soooo tired afterwards aren't we? Mine wipe me out. But I will never get tired of that tiredness! I miss my girls. Hope to get up to see them soon enough. It's been 5 months already. Yikes. You certainly are very busy I'd say but all in good ways. Big hugs!

  2. Good that you are able to look after your little granddaughter. Seems as if great fun is being had all round!! I can understand how you really want to get cracking on your new house though. Still, one day at a time at the moment. Look forward to seeing photos soon.

  3. There is nothing more important than time with your grandchildren.It's been almost five months since I've seen mine. So glad you were able to enjoy your time with her.

  4. Nothing is so good as being with those grandbabies but I sure will be glad when I can send this bunch to a home. Having them live with you is harder than one thinks. So glad you had a nice visit and when reading about her owie, oh I felt the pain. Yup, I am a joiner. I hate to see people in pain.

    Also glad that you found your cable, looking forward to seeing the pics.

    Stay safe.

    God bless.

  5. That would drive me nuts! Not playing with Sweetie Pie just knowing how much I still need to do but being unable to get it done.
    I'm a little OCD sometimes. Sigh :)


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