Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will Wonders Never Cease, and When it Rains, it Floods, and as a bonus, Bra Shopping

That is a ridiculously long title, but a fitting one!

When I last left you, I believe that Hubby was riding atop the gazebo as it was being moved to its new permanent place. I guess he wanted to get the bird's eye view of our estate. 

Anyway, his next crucial job was to work on plumbing, so that I would have a place to wash the dishes, which for now is in the basement utility sink. (Every day is like camping! I wish I liked camping.)  Plumbing has never been a joyful experience. It usually consists of a lot of frustration and @#$%  and *&^%$^&*% and other various and asundry words. At the outset of a plumbing project, he tries very hard not to swear, and some of his phrases can be quite comical, but as time goes on and drips keep appearing, and he has to re-do the process, the words flow quite profusely. So, as the plumbing time grew nearer, I did what any wife would do, I started praying, and stayed as far away as I could from the plumbing area. He worked. I prayed. He worked some more. I prayed. It seemed very quiet in the basement. I thought about going down to see how things were progressing, but thought better of it. Better to leave well enough alone. Finally, the moment we had been dreading waiting for arrived. Hubby came upstairs and announced that it was time to pray, because he was going to turn on the water and see if he had to re-do the whole thing. "Not to worry", I said, "I've been praying." Then I uttered a last, desperate plea. 

He turned on the water.

I waited for the spewing of words, signaling the dreaded "drip". 

It was quiet.

I waited some more.

Still quiet.

Finally, Hubby came upstairs, announcing, "I can't believe it! The first time in my ENTIRE LIFE that I haven't had a drip!" He was quite pleased with himself, and I uttered a prayer of thanks, and gave Hubby a congratulatory hug. 

So, now I am able to lug all our dirty dishes down to the basement, wash them and bring them back up. 

In case you are wondering, we have been using styrofoam plates, and "red solo cup!" and plastic forks. But, the only thing we burn (yay! we live in the country, so we can burn our trash) is the plates. The cups and forks are too nice to throw away! Crazy isn't it? Oh, and there's also the pots and pans that need washed. 

Someday, maybe next week, I will have my kitchen all put back together. Hubby is currently in Florida for a few days visiting his H.S. friend and best man. He's on Hospice, due to hardening of the lungs - I can't remember the actual name of it - but, death comes from suffocation. It's a terrible way to go. There are some things more important than a kitchen sink.

Also, while Hubby was gone, we had a big rain storm. Before he left, he said to me, "Make sure you listen for the sump pump, that it keeps running." So the next morning when I awoke, I was happy to hear the sump pump running. I didn't worry, nor did I go down to check the basement. However, when Amazing Daughter went down to shower, she informed me that we did indeed have water in the basement.

Thankfully, due to the first flooding, we made sure that everything in the basement was put on a shelf, and anything on the floor was in plastic tubs. We have a solid and quality built home, but there is one thing that wasn't done correctly. And, that is the basement floor. It wasn't made to drain into to sump pump. No. It's higher in the middle, so all the water goes to the side opposite the sump pump. I spent most of the morning sweeping the water to the sump pump area, only to have it continually coming back. I felt like the widow whose oil container never emptied. (l Kings 17:12-16) After the first hour, I decided to go down every hour and sweep away, and finally, after several sweepings, I decided to take a longer break and go bra shopping.
(Due to losing 40 pounds, my cups no longer runneth over, and in fact, there's quite a bit of wiggle room. And, when I say "wiggle", I mean, ohhh, that might be too much information....Never mind.)

That little adventure took a good three hours, because first I had to figure out my new size, then I had to find that size on the 70% off rack at Kohl's. Compared to my old size, the new size looks like a training bra! But, at least I no longer have to worry about the dreaded "gap". It is kind of weird to button a blouse without having to pull and tug.

Well, that has been my week in a nutshell. Now, I must get back to the fun-filled job of unpacking and putting away of "stuff".


  1. I have been reading your week with great interest, I love it when bloggers just tell us about their recent happenings. Gosh, is there nothing you can do about the basement? Congratulations on the weight loss, I know how hard it is. You will have to tell us how you did it. Or did you already and I forgot?

  2. Wow! Sounds like you need a break woman! Oh btw my first book got published! (thanks to Elisa, Fishducky and Joshua! I'm so thrilled!

  3. I love your sense of humour. You really do manage to tickle my funny one every time I visit you, Darlene. I am sorry to hear your hubby's BF from school has been given such a dire prognosis. As you say, something like that puts things into perspective.

  4. This is the sink that is capable to perform the tasks that the other sinks are too small for. In some cases the laundry is going to be cramped for space but it should always be possible to at least include a corner utility sink somewhere in the room.

  5. I am thinking that when everything else is fixed and finished that you guys need to level out that floor so that you do not have to go through the shoveling thing. Or you could buy a shop vac and transfer the water to the other side that way. But that will get old too.

    And you are so funny about the bra thing. I bought one of those Ahh bras and I am hooked. They are so comfortable and it does feel like you do not have a bra on. I think I bought 9 of them so as to have enough if I do not do laundry for a week. Although sometimes I wish I had those fake boobies and then I would not have to wear a bra at all. Wow just to have them all perky and where they are supposed to be, high above my waist. Someday when you get time, come visit my Mrsupole's Crap website, it is in my sidebar and then scroll down to the boobie post. You will be rolling on the floor and make sure you have gone to the bathroom before going there.

    Keep up the good work with the house.

    God bless.

  6. Ahhhh, the joys of life....leaky plumbing and bra shopping. I think I would almost take the first over the second :)

  7. I'm still surprised that there wasn't any leakage. Way to go Daddyo

  8. I'm so accustomed to that lovely husband repair language that I don't even notice it anymore. LOL The very first place I lost any weight at all was in the boobs. Why is that? Not from the hips or thighs. No. The boobs.

  9. I'm still laughing! " cups no longer runneth over." Wish I could say the same thing. So how did you loose all that weight? (put your answer on my comments as I follow so many that I never have time to get back and heck).

  10. Darlene,
    You don't call you don't write.
    Hell, your daughter doesn't call. She doesn't write.
    Is it something I've said? I'm too despondant to go on.
    Good bye cruel world...


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