Monday, February 27, 2012

Project 52 Update

Well, glory be, believe it or not, I'm finally getting around to Project 52. Here it is, closing in on March, and this is only the second or third update. Oh well, the year is still young.

For some reason, setting goals seems to be much more difficult blah uninteresting uninspired unimportant you can see, I'm having a difficult time just coming up with the right word. Not sure what it is exactly, maybe it's just all due to moving, and my goal list has been put on the back-burner.

With that being said however, there are a few goals which can be crossed off the list! And, after all, that is the whole point of making a goal, being able to cross it off the list, and being able to look back on the year's accomplishments.

#1. Find my (rough draft) list. It has been found. I thought it might have been  lost forever during the move, but it appeared almost out of nowhere. 

#2. Finish the list - as you can clearly see, this has not been accomplished!

#3. Reach my goal weight. This has been accomplished, for the first time in my life. I finished my second round of the Hcg diet in mid-January, so now the test   will be to keep it off.

#7. Move into a new house. This has been accomplished, although it is far from being completed. We are making progress, and the rooms are actually starting to look like rooms and not a storage warehouse. The washer and dryer are hooked up and running. We have a working toilet and a small sink. And we have access to a shower in the basement. Hubby is diligintly working on plumbing today so we will have water in the utility sink in the basement. (Please God, let this be true!) There aren't too many things that he hates working on more than plumbing. Currently, I don't have water or a sink in the kitchen. Let me correct myself, I do have a sink in the kitchen, but it is not hooked up. Hubby bought me a farmhouse-style sink, but it can't be installed or hooked up until the rest of the lower cupboards have all been installed. Oh, it's all quite a frustrating mess, and we find ourselves going round and round in a vicious cycle, trying to get the top priority things finished first, but there's always something else that needs to be completed before that one thing can be done. And, on top of all that, there is the usual "where the heck is _______? I know I saw it somewhere, but where that is, I do not know!" I hope that I will still have my sanity when all is said and done! If you are wondering why we have moved into this sad state of affairs, the short explanation is that we were forced into it. It was not our plan. 

I will be posting some pictures soon, (or later!), but first I have to locate the camera wires for downloading onto the computer. Actually, I may have already downloaded some pictures. Hold on while I check... 
Living room - Before

Living Room - After

Other end of Living Room. I ended up painting the
bookshelves brown. They look much better.

Dining Room - After
I always have to have a yellow room somewhere!

Our Bedroom - After
Blue and planning to have yellow accents.
My favorite color combination.
Jennee's room

Kitchen - It looks much more put together now.
The cupboards are actually against the walls
and not in the middle of the room!

Shared office space with Hubby.
(Hopefully, he won't regret it!)
My area is in the back by the window. He gave
me all the extra kitchen cupboards for my crap
craft and card making supplies.
When everything is put in its place, I'll give you another update. And, now I must get back to work, and start putting things away! Have a happy Monday.


  1. Wow your house looks great, cannot wait for pictures with the finalized house!

  2. This is a lovely and roomy house, even has a dining room! And such pretty butter yellow paint. The blue and yellow room will be fabulous!

  3. I love the colors you have chosen for your living room, bedroom and office.

    You are going to be so proud of yourself when this is finished. Although, I do sympathize with you over being unable to find anything. That may go on for quite a while.

    Oh, by the way, I am back to posting on Monday's.....stop by

  4. Well, I'm impressed that you've found the computer and sat down to write. :)

  5. Everything looks wonderful, Darlene! Don't worry, it will all be done before you know it and you will be so happy!

  6. Well for being forced to move you guys are doing great. It looks amazing!

  7. It looks like things are really starting to come together. I'm sorry about all the drama with your move, but it looks like things are looking up.

  8. Congrats on finding your list and you are amazing to reach your goal weight. I have faith that you will keep it off.

    The house is looking great. Almost makes me want to paint, but not quite. I guess I will just enjoy yours. You did a great job and I even like your yellow room. I too am looking forward to seeing the finished rooms. But I also want you to take it easy and not over do it. And hope you get all the plumbing fixed. Plumbing is very important while living in a house.

    God bless.


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