Monday, July 25, 2011

One little, two little, three little kitties...

For some reason, this house has become a magnet for stray cats. We don't live in the country, or near a farm. We live in town. 

Last year, our first stray appeared. 

I love cats, and would much rather have a cat than a dog. Hubby believes that all animals belong outside, so I try not to get attached to animals because I know they will not become inside pets.

But, guess who is the first one to start feeding the strays. Yep. Hubby. 

I just called it, "Kitty" (see how creative I am?), but Amazing Daughter decided it needed a much better name. So, she came up with "Sal". We agreed that Sal was a good name, because it would work for a male or female. 

Sal came around every morning, for several months. But, then winter came, and she stopped coming around. I decided that Sal was a "she" with no confirmation. 

This summer, a new stray appeared. A black and white, which was promptly named, Sachajahwea. I don't know if that's the proper spelling, but I'm too lazy to look it up, so we'll just say that it is. We later shortened her name to Sahshe. I have also determined her to be a girl, without confirmation. Shashe has a little limp, but she never lets me get closer than 10 feet
Soon, Shashe started bringing a friend. Her friend is all black, except for a tiny white patch on his neck. Yes, I have determined that he is a he without any confirmation. He is very spooky looking, so we call him "Spooky-Dude" with a hat tip to Glenn Beck's nickname for George Soros.
Spooky-Dude is even more skittish than Shashe. One step toward him, and he has high-tailed it down into the woods.

Now, it's really saying something to say that he "high-tails" anywhere, because, he has no tail.
Spooky-Dude lived up to his name. Either that, or I was going crazy. Spooky-Dude would appear, tail-less. Only a little stub. But, then, another time, he had half of a tail. This little stunt of his was not good for my self-esteem. I already feel like I'm on the fast track to "Forgetful-ville", not to mention, "Crazyland."  I would ask Hubby and Amazing Daughter, "Didn't Spooky-Dude have half of a tail the last time? Now, all he has is a stub." Being the wonderful people that they are, they did nothing - NOTHING - to calm my fears of becoming Crazy Woman. 

"What are you talking about?" they said, mockingly. 

"I'm SURE he had more of a tail the last time." 

This scenerio continued for several weeks. Was I going crazy? I feared I was.

But, then, one morning, the answer to my fears appeared.

(The photo isn't that good because I had to take it through the screened window - I didn't want to risk them running away before I had proof!!)

What are the odds???? Two black cats with the same white spot, and no tails?? Boy, did I breathe a sigh of relief when I saw them both together!
For the record, Spooky-Dude is in the front, with a two-inch "tail", and Spooky-Stub is in the back.

We also had another black and white animal appear, but it wasn't a cat. I had opened the garage door, intending to feed the misfit strays, but got distracted. 
A few minutes later when I returned to feed the critters, Hubby accidently hit the panic button for the car, and the horn started blaring. Out of the garage ran a skunk!!!! Whew! Was that ever a close call!!!



  1. You are too funny! Sacajawea is probably the correct spelling, how ever a number of people these days want to spell it a number of different ways since we don't have a signature of hers to compare. We have plenty of strays ourselves since we do live in the country, have an old barn, pasture where we have some barn cats and field cats. We are pleased however they keep the mice and rodent pop. down. We have two cats that don't know what hit them, Theophilus (Theo) lived in doors for 6 years and Coco lived in doors for 2 years until the wife got leather chairs, now they are outdoor full time and they don't like it. In addition we have a grey and white cat I "named" Bobbie McGee, a white call I call Sheets (she/he is white as a sheet) and a black cat with a stubby tail I call Stubs. There are probably 4 other cats in a block of us, but they haven't come around enough to get a name from me.

  2. Those are cute cats! We live in a residential area, and there is a stray cat (I think) on our street. No one knows who it belongs to, and one family puts food out for it and even lets it in their house from time to time.

  3. When I was living with my daughter we took in stray cats, I always named them - Orphie he showed up looking like an orphan. We had toogie, moogie, tiggie (see a pattern?)
    Then I got married, she meets a guy who also is a cat lover. His 4 and her 6 joined the household when they married, and lived happily ever after.

  4. Your cat with the white streak straight up the middle of it's back should be called "Pepe Kitty"...Just saying. LOL

  5. we have alot of stray cats around here. one night four little kittens popped their heads over our fence they were all sitting on our garbage cans...very cute, but they all think that our front flower bed is their litter box....not so cute!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Oh, Christ! You are so funny! And I don't mean the ending with the SKUNK (although, if that WAS true, that WAS funny, it running out of the garage). But it was SO funny when I got to the part that there were TWO Spooky-Dukes! LOL!!!!!!!!
    Also: all I can say is: I had a 'stray' show up here... well, she's been here six years already. Living now in the house, using my torso as a couch when she wants to lie down... So YOU are lucky that YOUR strays choose to be outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Darlene,

    I was thinking while reading about the cats with no tail and half a tail that possibly there were two of them. I too suffer from CRS and sometimes am told I did or didn't do certain things.

    Heck I forget what I look like unless I look into the mirror every few days, but then my brain still thinks I look like I did at 21. I wonder who that strange woman is that's looking at me and jump back, talking about strays, who the heck feeds her so much.

    Our two cats live outdoors and come indoors to eat and sleep. We used to have a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood but not so many in the last few years.

    I was just wondering if you could apply for some kitty food-stamps to feed all those homeless kitties who now seem to be living with you. It just seems that they should be entitled to something for free and they now have an address to use. It is unfair for you to not get a subsidy for all the cat food you now have to pay for out of your pocket. You and hubby should now also be able to raise your debt ceiling so you can get more credit cards to pay for all that cat food. And come to think about it, the skunk should be entitled to some free food, even if he crossed into your garage illegally. Well you know, because charity does not begin at home, it begins with our stolen income, disguised as taxes.

    Sorry, watching too much news today and whenever I see "you know who" give another political speech, uh I mean WH address, I get very moody. Good news is his ratings are down to 22%.

    Onto another subject...The show I wrote about in my posting is actually not on cable TV. It should be on your local CBS television station. It is on at 1 p.m. here in SoCal, not sure about the time in your area.

    Plus I have this gadget in my "sidebar" that has links to some cable TV websites and you could watch some cable TV shows on these links. It has my favorite cable channels on it. I am not even sure if this gadget is available as a choice anymore because I have not seen anyone else with it. I put it on my blog years ago and have kept it there because I think if I remove it I will never find it again. I've lost other gadgets that way. Anyway, if you try it, please let me know how it worked for you. Kinda like getting free cable.

    God bless.

  8. They're lovely but it must be very frustrating feeding them and not being able to get close to them. A cuddle with a cat is worth a course of anti-stress pills in my world.

  9. Ha mom! This is a funny post. I thought we named one Pepper? Is that the one that has gone missing? I can't keep track of them either.

  10. The stray cat nation must have "marked" your house as being a safe place and a place where the food is good and plentiful!

  11. What a funny story! And now you have proof!! Too bad you can't keep your favorite, do you have any pets? When we first moved here almost thirty years ago, all the strays and kittens turned up mewing on our back stoop. We put them in the basement till we found a good home for them. I would have them all right now if I wasn't allergic, we love cats!! Had three when we were first married.

  12. That's so funny that there are two of them!

    My boys make so much noise, they frighten animals away from our house.

  13. Loved your tale of all the strays and your you say, what a coincidence is that, two black cats, both with white spots and missing tails...poor things! Wonder who got the worst or the skunk?

  14. Passing through from the Tuesday Hop.
    Have a great day!

  15. Many years ago I had a black and white Basset Hound. We went camping and he wandered off. I was looking through the brush for him - saw a little black and white animal scurrying ahead of me - went to reach through to the little hole in the side of the creek that he had disappeared into and then realized it was a skunk. I did the quickest about face you've ever seen!

  16. that is really strange two black cats without tails.

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  18. Hi Darlene,
    Could you email me at karen@followingthewhispers with your email address so I can enter you in my giveaway?

  19. Hahaha your hubby's a big softy at heart, Darlene please don't talk to me about cats. We have two of the wee furballs and guess what??? One of them is pregnant NOOOO!!! I'll post the pics on my blog when the big day arrives.


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