Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm hot!

Is it hot enough for ya? It's been plenty hot for me. I've been getting up early to do some yard work, hoping to beat the heat. It hasn't been much cooler in the morning. Now, I'm gonna make some suntea - it should only take about 30 seconds - then hunker down in an air conditioned room.

Here is a much shorter video than the one I posted the other day. Hope you enjoy it.

Or, maybe you would prefer this one!

Stay cool!


  1. It is too dang hot in the whole country. I am so lazy and am doing nothing. Even too lazy to turn on the computer. I feel for you and hope you enjoy your tea and AC.

    Hey I actually wrote a new post, shocking, isn't it.

    God bless.

  2. I melting! I'm melting! It is brutal!
    smart to wake up early. try to stay cool!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. The heat is brutal. I do as little as possible outdoors (mow the lawn, collect ripe tomatoes, pick my berries, check my fruit trees) because it is so debilitating.
    Stay hydrated and protect from sun.

  4. I'll take the first video, please! I've never heard that song, and like it very much!! Is it from a play? Is "110 In The Shade" the name of the play? I was trying to find your profile to see if you live in a state near me, because we are having tripe digit heat. But blogger has removed your followers today (it's been doing this on and off to a lot of people) and I can't find your profile either. Stay cool!!!

  5. Hey Darlene I just heard Alaska has become the no1 vacation destination in the US, ah nice and cool. Did you have to post Vanilla Ice? You do realise that I won't be able to get this rank rotten tune out of my head now argh!!! Ice ice baby nooooo


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