Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Victory

I sit here in the kitchen pondering on victory--more or less on this blog. My brain is more fried than the eggs I had for breakfast. My vocabulary is lacking in the V Department. As I was relating a story to my Awesome Daughter, (the brains in the family) she said, "There's your V story."  

Va-va-va-voooom! I had a small victory. I don't get that many, so when I get 'em, I take 'em!

This past week,I received an e-mail that was attributed to Walter E. Williams, stating that Obama is assured an overwhelming victory in 2012, due to a big long list of everyone who will be voting for him. (Blacks, college-educated women, liberals, democrats, Hispanics, union members, big business, most minorities, and independents.) Basically, everyone except white, conservative men.

I've listened to Walter E. Williams for many years, when he has filled in for Rush Limbaugh, and I consider him to be quite brilliant. When I read the e-mail, I couldn't believe it. So, I did a little checking. Turns out that MoveOn.org had "mistakenly" posted the article as authored by him, on April 1.

Whew! Glad to know I was right. But, then, on Friday, I heard Rush refer to the article as written by Dr. Williams. I intended to e-mail Rush and set him straight, but didn't get around to it.

However, on Monday, Rush mentioned that the article was a hoax and not written by Dr. Williams E. Williams.

I was a step ahead of Rush, and it felt good. 



  1. I am not a political animal so I don't listen to or know about any of these guys. But, I can identify with discovering that I was as step ahead of someone supposedly in the know............kt

  2. I like KT's comment above and agree wholeheartedly with her! I'm not into politics either, but Congratulations on your VICTORY for being one up on those political know-it-alls! Now you only have four more letters, YAY!

  3. Good for you for not blindly following, you questioned and found the truth! Blessings,Joanne

  4. Well said Joanne! Great post, but I remember the opening statement going a little differently...

  5. Hilarious!

    I have to hand it to them, though. That's a pretty funny hoax.

  6. All our small victories add up in the end ;)


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