Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Pancake Pantry

Hubby and I spent the first ten days of April in Nashville, TN, with our son and granddaughter, Sweetie Pie.  

For our last day together, we decided to go out for breakfast. Sweetie Pie made sure we knew that she loves pancakes.  So, we made plans that we would get up bright and early, and go out for pancakes. At first, I was a little disappointed about the "bright and early" part, but, then I remembered that Sweetie Pie had been up and raring to go every morning at 6:00. Also, this particular restaurant, has quite the reputation, and if you're not an early bird, you are going to be standing in line for a very long time.

I'm not sure where exactly this is located.I don't pay attention to small details like that. But, it's in some part of Nashville.

 We were there by about 7:30, and the dining area was already getting full. A line was starting, but we didn't have to wait long. I mentioned that I would have to blog about this. A few minutes later, I noticed the lady at the table beside us, pulling out her camera and taking a picture of her breakfast. I smiled at her and said, "Are you taking pictures for your blog?" She laughed, and said, "No. This is to make our children jealous!"

 I had red raspberry pancakes.

 Hubby had peach pancakes. He said his were better than mine.

 And, we had bacon omelets. Mighty tasty. Our son had sweet potato pancakes, but he was not going to wait around for me to get a picture. Our Sweetie Pie had regular pancakes, and she wasted no time getting them into her tummy.

 By the time we finished our breakfast, a line was already forming out the door.  Apparently, it's not unusual to see the line go down the street and around the corner. So, if you're in the Nashville area, and are craving some mighty good pancakes. Make a stop at the Pancake Pantry. We have declared that this is our new tradition!

Did I make you hungry????


  1. YES YOU DID! And it's not fair, because I absolutely love pancakes! These looked delicious, no wonder the place is so popular! Now, I'll spend the rest of the day wanting pancakes :(

  2. Yes, you did! It is breakfast time now and the only thing I have to eat is a breakfast bar Cheerios. AIN' FAIR!....... (:< kt

  3. Hm, should have come with a warning: May cause extreme hunger and drooling. You've been sufficientily warned.

  4. My son and husband are pancake fiends, we are planning a trip to nashville later this year so we'll definitely look it up!

    Great posts and great pictures, Amanda

  5. That sounds like a great place! If I ever make it to Nashville, I'll definitely check it out!

  6. YES, YOU MADE ME HUNGRY! You are not my friend anymore!!!!! Just kidding. :)
    Seriously, that cheese omelet with the bacon looked so delicious and I would have had what you had: the raspberry pancakes! Man, they looked good! And your hubby's peach pancakes looked good too. Normally, I wouldn't go for that, but last summer, my neighbor gave me ripe peaches, and I sliced them thin and layered them into the batter after I put the pancake down in the pan (on the still yet top/mushy part), and they were SO good. If your husband likes peach pancakes, try it this summer with some nice ripe peaches for him (ones that are almost on their way out... they will be softer and sweeter). Thanks for sharing, and wish I could have been there! I'm not so sure of that early EARLY hour though ;)

  7. We stood in line for two hours to get into the Pancake Pantry when I visited Nashville a few years ago. It was well worth it though; the food was delicious!


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