Monday, April 11, 2011

I - Intriguing Incentives - Project 52 Week 15

I just threw "intriguing" in there because I wanted to think of a title with double "I".

What are your incentives for reaching your goals? Mine may be as simple as just wanting to cross them off my list! (And, it gives me a secret thrill because I actually know and, more importantly, remember, how to do it!)

When I made my list back in January, the goal was to think of 52 things I wanted to accomplish this year. Some things on my list are things I knew I would do. (Was that cheating?? My bad.) Others are things that need to be done, but keep getting put off--all the cleaning and organizing --ugh--, and others are projects that I started, but haven't gotten around to finishing.

I have been amazed at how having a list and being held accountable seems to be making such a difference. I think about my list a lot, and about which one I'm going to work on next. (That is so not me!) I'm pretty sure that my jeans blanket would still be just a pile of jeans if I had not but it on my list.

I've managed to get 15 stubborn and unwanted pounds off. (I blame the Big M for putting them on! I know it's not because I like to eat!)

I recently repainted the bathroom. These are the "before" pictures:

I got this mirror at an auction for $25.
It makes me think of the mirror in Snow White.
It's not magical.
 After pictures: I would probably have painted it a different color if I thought we would be here for a long time. But, since the house may be up for sale, and since we just happened to have an extra gallon of very, very, very light green sitting around, that's what I used. I know the walls look white, but they are, in fact, green. Everything else is the same, just all spiffied up!

Cool little chandelier 

If I'm not careful with my planning, everything will be complete except for the cleaning and organizing. I'll have no choice but to get it done, then! 

Thanks to Jennee and Karen for coming up with their brilliant idea of Project 52. I hope you are having success in accomplishing your goals!


  1. what a difference light colors make!

  2. Wow! I think you're a star! Losing 15 pounds, repainting and all the other things you've're beginning to inspire me to start tackling some of the things I keep putting off. And losing weight is one of them :(

  3. Looks like you've been busy! I made my list the same way. Put some things on it I fully intended to do regardless, and some things I know I can do easily, just kept putting off. I think that's fine. I too get a little thrill just from checking something off the list!

  4. You are doing such an amazing job with your list!

    Writing things down and referring to the list often is definitely the key!

  5. I think you rock! You've accomplished a lot!

    My incentives usually deal with a finished product too. :)

    New follower from A-Z. Nice to meet you!


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