Monday, April 4, 2011

C- Continuing the Challenge!

Since I'm participating in Project 52 and the A-Z blog hop challenge, I thought I'd combine them and "kill two birds with one stone", so to speak. (It's just an expression. I wouldn't kill a bird unless I was starving to death.)

Both of these projects have their own challenges. Project 52 gives me a year to complete, and the A-Z challenge will go through April. At this point, I'm not sure which will be more challenging. 

Blogging EVERY DAY is a challenge in itself--especially since if I manage to blog three times a week, I think I'm doing great. The ABC part is trickier than I thought. I'm still drawing a blank for "j", "k", and "x". It is funny how for some letters I have multiple ideas, and for others (see above) there's nuthin'! So, if you have any suggestions for those three letters, feel free to share!

For Project 52, there are several projects that I have been putting off for years, and they will have a definite ending when finally completed--and I will complete them!

Others things will never be crossed off, because they can never be completed.

#16 and #17 - Being more informed in politics, and learning more about our history - the learning never stops. And sometimes, the learning can be downright scary.

#14 - being more compassionate - I'll never reach a point when I can say that I am compassionate enough. But,I hope I can say that I am more compassionate than I was 10 years ago.  

#4 and #5 - Improve my blog and have 200 followers - I hope my content is improving, but I guess you will be the judge of that. I'm trying to catch up with  Jennee, my Amazing Daughter. We have a friendly little competition going. When I say "competition", I mean that I am competing with her. She feels pretty safe that I will not catch up with her. I had been running exactly 100 followers behind her. When I had 50, she had 150. When I had 89, she had 189. But, she started gaining ground after she hit 200 - now I think she is about 130 ahead of me. 

I'm not saying this just to get followers - I would never do that! I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I hope you are continuing in your challenges or competitions, and when you've completed them, we can all say "Congratulations!"

(This post has been pre-scheduled. I am currently spending time with my granddaughter and spoiling her as much as I can. If I'm slow in responding to your comments, that is why!)


  1. You were very clever and sneaky and crafty to combine these challenges. Well done to you! I was all ready to immediately sign up as your follower just to get you to catch up to Amazing Daughter...but then I realised, ooops! I'm already a follower...that's why I'm here :)

    I enjoyed your post and I tip my hat to you!

    'j' for jerk or juggle
    'k' for kickass
    'x' female chromosome

  2. This one made me smile. Nice to "meet" you.

  3. Sneaky sneaky mama! You are catching up...but I'm continuing with catching my new crew of followers!

  4. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make up some letters off the cuff, so for once in my blog's history, I planned the entire month ahead of schedule.

    Enjoy your time with your grand-daughter!

  5. For me the answer to the Challenge came in the form of iTunes as I was able to find 26 different song titles to go with my Rock'N'Write theme for the month. There's just something about music that goes hand in hand with writing.

    And it's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge, too!

  6. good for you! keep at 'em =)
    happy C & D days!


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