Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E - Educate Educate

One of my projects for Project 52 is to become more educated in politics. I am a "sick twisted freak", and if you are one too, you know what that means.

I'm a late comer to the world of politics, meaning, I didn't start paying attention until I was in my 30's. Politics used to bore me. I was one of those morons who said: "Politics does not affect my life." I would like to go back and slap myself silly.

Hubby, on the other hand, came out of the womb thinking about politics. He remembers things that happened when he was, like, five years old. (I was too busy learning how to tie my shoes.) But, opposites do attract, and it has been a 30-plus-year- process for him to get me educated.

He was raised that "the only good republican is a dead republican", but, the more he listened, the more he figured out that things didn't make sense. He finally came to the conclusion that he was, in fact, a republican. (He kept it secret from his family for years.)

Have you ever noticed that when you read an article or listen to the news, conservatives are always described, at the very least, as "controversial"? Liberals, on the other hand, are made to sound as if they are the most brilliant people on the planet. (98% of the press admit to being liberals. We do not have an unbiased press.)

I'm also puzzled as to why people seem to be all for socialism. Unless there is a different definition, the dictionary describes it as "collective or government ownership", "a system where there is NO private property", and "a system in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state/ government."  Socialized medicine, (Obamacare, perhaps?) is defined as "medical and hospital services for the members of a class or population admisistered by an organized group (as a state agency) and paid for from funds obtained usually by assessments, philanthropy, or TAXATION". Hello? It ain't gonna be free, people. 

My only conclusion as to why anyone would think socialism - redistribution of wealth - is a good idea, is because they think they will be exempt. It's OK for the government to redistribute your wealth, but stay away from mine! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but socialism doesn't work that way.

It seems to be working really great in Cuba. They have no poor people or super rich. I don't know why people are risking their lives to come to America, instead of happily working for the government and living in their wonderful, state-provided homes.

What I'm saying is, become aware. Don't assume the press is giving you un-biased news. The Democrats say they are fighting for "the little guy". They have been in power for over 50 years. Why do we always have the same problems? In what ways are they "fighting"? It may surprise you to learn that a majority of Democrats are members of the Democratic Socialist of America.

Know what you believe, why you believe it. Then look for candidates that have proven by their actions, that they share your same values. Words mean things. We are seeing the results of the "hope" and "change" and "transformation" that was promised. 


  1. Oh risky subject! But I know you can stand your ground on any debate since you stay educated!

  2. Those are very WISE words. I don't know how many will pay attention, but kudos to you for speaking up on a potential mine field of a subject.

  3. Politics is a big ol' mess. I've learned to keep my mouth shut and let others speak their mind. I've found they are set in their ways and refused to be moved. So, an intellectual conversation will turn into a screaming match with fingers pointed. Noam Chomsky, once on Nixon's Black List, talks and writes about the media and their selective news reports. I think the best thing to do is question everything before settling. Goo luck with the challenge!

  4. At least there are differences between your 2 major parties, over here you couldn't fit a cigarette paper between our major parties policies. We have no real choices.

  5. Very different from the UK. Liberals here seem to be the butt of every joke going and like Ryan says, there's not a lot to choose from the other two.

  6. I hate politics and current events. I'm just waiting for your posts to see your new haircut and make-up. :)


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