Friday, April 1, 2011

A - April's Fool

This month begins the challenge to blog every day of the month, except Sundays-going through the entire alphabet. Today is dedicated to the letter A.

Today is April Fool's Day. I was wondering why April 1 is April Fool's Day. Why is it the day to play jokes on the unsuspecting or forgetful fool? 

Well, here is what I found out. As the story goes, back in 1582, Charles IX of France, decided to reform the calendar. Switching to the Gregorian Calendar meant that the new New Year's Day would be January 1, instead of the current days March 25 - April 1. Why they  needed eight days for the new year is beyond me, but that's the way it was. News traveled slowly back in the good ol' days, and some people didn't know of the change for years. However, there were others who didn't like the change and tried to keep April 1 as New Year's Day. Obviously, they lost that war. Those who refused to conform were invited to parties that didn't exist, and had other practical jokes played upon them. In short, they became "the fools". I feel for those people.

I wake up every April Fool's Day, determined not to be made a fool of. I remind myself constantly for the first hour or two of the day to be "on guard" of the evil ones (namely, Hubby, Daughter and both Sons - whether or not they all live here is irrelevant!) But, of course, they never try anything within the first two hours of the day...and I let my guard down, think good things about them, and eventually forget what day it is. 

And, that is when they strike. Never anything earth-shattering. Just a little piece of "gossip" here, or a "speeding ticket" there, or something like that. They non-chalantly toss out the bait, reel me in ever-so-gently, then BAM! Knock me over the head with it.

You'd think after all these years I'd get a clue and start remembering. But, alas, my blog isn't called "Things I'll Forget by Tomorrow" just because I think it's a catchy title.

I may get a reprieve this year. Hubby and I are on our way to spend some time with our Sweetie Pie. I am sure he will be so distracted by this, that he will forget to fool me. Unfortunately, I still have three kids to worry about. 

I will be on guard,I will be on guard, I will be on guard, I will be on guard, I will be on guard.....

(This has been a pre-scheduled post. I am currently spending time with my granddaughter and spoiling her as much as possible. If I'm slow in responding to your comments, now you know the reason!)


  1. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to tell you about this guy that I met at the bar last night. Mom, you'd love him. You have to look beyond all the tattoos, piercing and drinking problem..but I think I met someone special. :)

  2. Love Jennee's comment! LOL Enjoy your time with your Sweetie Pie!

  3. Great post for A :) Hope you managed to avoid feeling like a fool all day, today!

    Enjoy the time with your little Angel!

  4. have fun today.
    tickling image.

  5. My children have a way of making my actions look foolish everyday.

  6. I'm glad my son is too young yet to play pranks on me. I have a feeling I'll have to watch out for him in the next year or two.

  7. I can't wait til next year when my nephew will finally be old enough to start understanding the joy that is April Fools' Day.

  8. Enjoy that grandbaby! I hope that everyone forgets that it's April Fools and you can relax and have a great time. See you when you get back.

  9. I tend to fall for a prank or two some years and am able to skip April Fool's Day on other years, all the while, never playing a prank on other people. That is going to have to change, lol. I'll have to plan a nice way to punk someone (Like Ashton Kutcher does on his TV show) one year on April 1st.

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  12. Also doing the A to Z and will be following along all month - at least! =) BTW, loved your "angry" post!


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