Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10 Television Shows

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting a bloghop on 10 Top Television Shows. I found this bloghop through my Amazing Daughter's blog, Cheap Therapy. So, with that said, I will give out my list, in no particular order.
(There are no pictures because my official blog instructor is not here to give me step by step instructions. I did try on my own, but as you can see, was not successful!)

1. I love Lucy - still a funny show. I just watched the "chocolate factory" episode, and it still made me laugh.

2.  The Dick van Dyke Show - created by Carl Reiner. I have always loved this show. No one can cry like "Laura"......"o-o-o-h-h-h-h  R-o-o-b-b-b!

3.  The Andy Giffith Show - Barney with his nervous ways and bugged out eyes, and Andy and his gentle and patient ways with Barney make this a great family-friendly show.

4.  Columbo - the crumpled up trench coat, and his "oh. just one more thing."

5.  Magnum P.I. - What can I say, I had a crush on Tom Selleck!

6.  House - the medical terms sound like jibberish to me, and House is rude, crude, arrogant, and brilliant.

7.  Chuck - He's such a cute spy. His co-workers at the Buy More are creepy and funny. I love the conservative, patriot spy, "John Casey". He has pictures of Ronald Reagan on his walls, and is always cleaning his weapons. He would rather grunt than speak, and he grunts so well. (I'm sure male viewers have completely different reasons for watching the show.)

8.  Monk - the most obsessive-compulsive character on TV. The worst thing about the show is that I found myself becoming "Monkish". Sometimes I would find myself saying, "That would drive Monk crazy!"

9.  Everybody Loves Raymond - I didn't start watching this show until it was in reruns. No matter how many times I've seen an episode, it always makes me laugh. Of course, if that was my real life, I would want to shoot myself!

10.  Arrested Development - one sane brother is trying to keep a weathly, self-absorbed family together.

That's my list. What's on your list?


  1. House is a jerk, but he's funny!
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  2. Gracious I actually knew 5 out of your ten
    Loved your choice.


  3. I STILL have a crush on Tom Selleck! And yes, I did watch Magnum PI when it was still in first run. My mom was addicted and I think she liked that I loved it too. Even if I was only 5 when it started.

    And yeah, Casey. He's the best thing about Chuck. You and your daughter need to watch Firefly because he's just as awesome playing a dumb brute. (And he spends a lot of time cleaning his guns there, too...)

  4. HOUSE!!! I'm in love! Your list is fantastic! I love seeing one's I've never heard of and my personal favorites! It's amazing!

    It's also nice to meet other bloggers!!! *HI* *WAVES*

  5. Hm, I'll have to think about it.

  6. i hopped on in from Alex's blog. how could i have left Columbo off of my list? i loved that show. maybe next time.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Other than my own, your list is the best I've found (that's just my opinion, of course, but I trust my taste in TV).

    I'm not quite done checking on all of the participants yet, but you're #77 of 85 and this is my second favorite list.

    The Dick van Dyke Show, Columbo, The Andy Griffith Show, Everybody Loves Raymond. Two of those shows made my Top Ten, and the other two definitely had a shot. GREAT CHOICES!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. I like that you started out with the classics. House is on many, many lists. I can't believe I left it off mine! So excited for the premiere! Good list!

  9. We love the old shows that we grew up with. My husband Tivos them and we watch them instead of prime time TV.

  10. I love the name of your blog-- it's my life story. I've seen about have of the entries on your list. Better than I've been doing with most of these lists.

  11. I'm just gonna have to check out House after this blog hop thingie. It's just about on everyone's list.

  12. dick van dyke is the master of physical comedy!

  13. Wow Mom, you're brilliant at this top ten list thing. You should do it more often. I still wish you would have added Father Darlings Mysteries after we remembered it!

  14. I love Lucy and Everybody Loves Raymond are hilarious! your list is a great mix of new and old :)


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