Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time for the Fair

Fall is here, and in Wayne County, Ohio that means it's time for the fair. Once or twice in my life I've attended a fair during the summer, but it just seems so...weird. Fair time means cool, brisk weather. The aroma of french fries, Italian sausage, cotton candy, elephant ears and donuts is enhanced by the cooler weather. (In my humble opinion.)Usually, on at least one of those days it rains, which brings the unique aroma of wet straw and manure. Can't you just smell it?

Every year, we have the same conversation. It goes something like this:
Daughter:  Are you going to the fair?
Me:  No, it's boring. Nothing ever changes.
Daughter:  Oh. I wanted to see So & So's concert. (Always a country singer-sometimes current, sometimes not.)
Me: Yeah, that might be a good show. OK. I'll go. Do you want to go to the 6:30 show?
Daughter:  No. (Rolling her eyes. I don't see her do it, but I can feel it!)  I don't get off work till 7:30. We'll have to go to the 8:30 show. (She's thinking, "DUH!)
Me: Oh yeah, I forgort. 8:30, huh. (Thinking to myself: that means we won't get home till 10:00- Hope I can stay awake!)

So, we bought our tickets,which have gone up considerably in price! From $6 to $10! I almost reconsidered, but relented at the last minute.

Monday night, Amazing Daughter and I went to see Luke Bryan. He's fairly new on the country music scene. One of his songs is, "rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey". Early in the show, he complained that the donut trailer was too close to the grandstand, because the smell of the donuts was driving him crazy. By the next song, someone handed him two boxes of Lerch's Donuts--a Wayne County Fair staple. He opened the box--the donuts are covered with sugar--took one,  then handed one to every band member. He ate it then said, "Man, that's good". (He didn't actually say "man", but something quite close!) "Now, I need a big glass of milk!"  I wondered how he would be able to sing with that greasy, sugary, (and delicious) donut going down his throat. But, it did not seem to affect him at all, and he gave a great show.

This amazing photo was stolen from my daughter, but, hey, it's on my computer! Thanks, Jennee!

The only reason to go to the fair
See all that sugar? They don't last long!

We also had tickets to see "Little Big Town", which I'm sorry to say was not nearly as good a show as Luke Bryan. I like their songs, but when you hear them all at once, they sound pretty much the same. News must have gone out about the "donut incident" because, they asked and received donuts. It just seemed more contrived and not nearly as endearing.

(My photo) Little Big Town 

Also, during Fair Week, my Mom, Sis, and I get together to watch the horse races. We do the walk-through, go to the Grange Building where there is a food demonstration, for the and samples, then load ourselves down with greasy, over-priced fair food. With food in hand, we head over to the Grandstand to watch the horse races. Every year we skip buying the program, it is $2 after all! After the races, we say that next year we are going to buy a program! We have a very scientific way of picking horses--by the color of the silks. That system works good for my Mom. Her horses almost always come in first or second. My Sis's horses usually come in second or third. And more often than not, my horses are bringing up the rear. It's probably a good thing that I never bet!

Horse races--my horse isn't in the picture yet!
So much for not going to the Fair this year. I'm sure next year will be exactly the same!

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