Monday, September 13, 2010

Gotta love grandkids!

Hubby (aka Pappy) and I (aka Grammy) just got back from a visit with our granddaughter and son. She is now four and a half. She loves to play in enclosed places. Sometimes we have to play "Witch". I have to be the witch and put her in the closet. This is not my favorite game! Mostly because I have to be the witch!
I'm the witch!

In the closet. She's cuter so her picture is bigger.

This week, she found the clothes dryer. She crawled in and just sat there. It brought back memories of her dad when he was a baby. He liked to crawl into small places. He would crawl into the kitchen cupboards and push out all the pots and pans so there would be plenty of room for him. He also liked to crawl into the dryer every time I did laundry. I would post his cute little picture, but it is in his scrapbook.

I told her this little story about dad. I pulled out the scrapbook so she and dad could find the picture. She found the picture of dad in the dryer, and thought it was funny. She and dad continued to look at pictures. She saw pictures of Hubby and I and asked dad, "Who are they?".  Dad said, "That's Grammy and Pappy." Without missing a beat, she looked at me and said, "What happened to you?"

 We got old, Sweetie! Yep, gotta love the grandkids!


  1. (giggle)

    I warn my kids, don't worry, it's coming to get you too. Gravity's a killer. (lol)

  2. P.S. She's awfully cute with that big ol' grin. Looks like she sure loves her grandma.

  3. ha ha ha, he he he, ho ho're old!

  4. Kids are so funny! I look just like my mom did when she was my age so any kids in our family that see pictures of her from that time ask if it's me.

    And Darlene, you are beautiful! I guess I haven't really seen a picture of you since I found your blog.


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