Monday, April 15, 2013

Midnight Marauder Mystery

 The other day, Hubby and I were preparing to leave town for a couple days, to do a painting job. He was loading the pick-up truck before breakfast so we could get a good start. We always plan on getting a good start, but it never seems to happen. We just don't move as fast as we used to. I'm not sure why that is!

He came in for breakfast, rather perplexed. He said, "Something has been out tearing up the yard. I also noticed that the blueberry bushes have been uprooted. Now what would do that? I don't think deer would do that. There must be a wild boar running around."

We ate breakfast, still trying to solve the mystery. After breakfast, we all decided to go out and survey the damage more closely.
You can see how much damage was done. Amazing Daughter took these photos of us. Honestly, it took a moment for me to register who that old man was helping Hubby! Sad, isn't it? During the surveying, I spotted a small pile of poop. And, I said, "Look! Here's some poop!" Hubby exclaimed, "That's pig poop! (Only he didn't say "poop".)

We quickly turned our attention to the pig pen. Are the pigs in there? On our quick, little walk to check, we are both mentally wondering how in the world we were going to find our pigs, if they have gone missing! Oh, the joys of farming!

As we got closer, it was clear that they had, in fact, gotten out. I looked under the lean-to and saw two pigs for sure, but they were sleeping in a big pile, so I couldn't be sure. Hubby instructed me to pound on the roof to make them run. I pounded. No one moved a muscle! 

Turns out they were all three back in the pen. While they had a wild night of it, they all had the good sense to come back! 

Hubby triple-secured the gate. We knew Amazing Daughter would not be happy if she had to chase pigs while we were gone!


  1. Those silly pigs! Though it is a funny mental image of them out having a night on the LOL Glad you got it figured out. Oh, my hubby wouldn't have said 'poop' either. :)

  2. I loved reading this story! I couldn't wait to find out who had caused the damage. Haha, dang those pigs.

    I'm stopping by from the A-Z and I'm so glad to meet you! Looking forward to following your blog. :)

  3. haha, silly pigs! I'm glad the mystery was solved.

  4. Those pigs!

  5. I don't think poop is a man thing to say! Hee hee! Loved seeing all the photos and I love your pigs! Phew, thank goodness they had the sense to stay put. They were probably shattered after all that nocturnal activity !!

  6. On a farm near us here in Maine, they corral their pigs inside movable fencing where they want the land cleared. In a matter of weeks, huge areas of almost jungle growth is dug up and eaten. I guess marauding pigs can be a good thing if you can harness there cavorting. Funny post!


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