Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cats, Chocolate, Crazy

Criminey! I'm so crusty from not blogging, it takes me forever to remember the process. After looking all over the screen, I finally spotted the little orange square that says "new post". Sigh. Maybe I shouldn't share so much information, especially if this happens to be your first time visiting. 

Cats. We have two of 'em. Actually, two and a newborn kitten. But, more are coming. When we got our kittens last summer, Hubby was adamant that they were to be outside cats, barn cats, if you will, even though we don't have a barn. I reluctantly agreed. That agreement lasted about two weeks, until granddaughter, Sweetie Pie, came for a visit. She only had to ask her Pappy one time if the kittens could come inside for a little while. Of course, he melted into a puddle, and immediately said, "yes, but only for a little while."
During her visit, the little while stretched out to be longer and longer. After she left, Amazing Daughter and I tried to melt Pappy's heart with our nagging pouting lips and batting eyes, to convince him to let the kittens stay in. He finally partially relented, saying they could stay in during the day, but they had to go out at night. His hope of having good mousers has gone by the wayside. It doesn't seem that they try to catch any varmints at night, because they act like they've never been fed in their lives by the time morning rolls around. 
The kitties were very clean while Sweetie Pie was here.
She insisted on giving them several baths.
Prim and her new baby

Rascal waiting for her delivery day
Moving on to chocolate. I love anything chocolate. On second thought, I did try chocolate covered bacon. Not a fan. My sweet tooth (actually the entire bottom row, and some on the top)  are constantly telling me to eat chocolate.  A day without chocolate is a very bad day, and I try not to have too many of those. And, in case you're wondering, I have already had some chocolate today. Right after breakfast, in fact. 
And now for the dreaded topic of "am I crazy?". I fear the answer is yes, but, I'm in denial. Here's a small example. This morning, Hubby and I sat down to breakfast, jabbering about something or other. I jumped up to get something I forgot then sat down again. By this time, Amazing Daughter had joined us. We all started eating, and I asked if we were going to pray first. Hubby looked at me like I had just come from outer space. 

"We just prayed", he said. "We did not.", I said. "Yes we did."  "No we didn't."
Amazing Daughter chimed in and said, "Gee, I wish I would have been here to witness it." "Me too, then you would know that I'm right", I said. 

Hubby said again, "We prayed." (But, I know we didn't! And, if we did, then I am, in fact, losing my mind, such as it is!) Finally, I said, "Well, it must have been really short, or I wasn't paying attention."  Which could also be a possibility.


  1. I love it! Cats Chocolate Crazy. Well said :)

  2. Sweetie Pie's baths :) I bet the cats were not that happy!

  3. I hope you're not crazy because you just described ME! LOL

  4. Eat more chocolate. Maybe it will help the memory, and if not, at least you'll be happy :)

  5. at least you didn't title it crazy chocolate cats...that would have made a few people ponder!

  6. Love that photo of sweety pie giving the kitty a bath ! Loved also how your hubby was gradually giving in to the cats coming indoors! I also adore chocolate !! I'm also crazy. Sometimes I think I'm not safe to be let out in my own!!


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