Friday, April 12, 2013

Kittens Everywhere!

 Last summer, while driving home from a job, Hubby spotted a sign in yard, "Cute Kittens". Coincidentally, we were thinking of getting a kitten just in time for Sweetie Pie's visit. We stopped in to see how cute those kittens were, and the sign was correct. They were very cute kittens. We spotted a little ball of fur in the garden. "Purrrrfect," we said. (Sorry, I couldn't contain myself. heehee) Then, the man asked, "Do you want two?"  Before I could say, "No, one's enough", I heard Hubby say, "Sure!" I nearly had a heart attack right then and there. When the man left to go find the other kitten, I asked Hubby if he was crazy. Hubby assured me that he was not crazy, and that he was just thinking we could use an extra "mouser" on the farm. I was quite happy about the turn of events, because I do like cats. "Besides," Hubby continued, "Sweetie Pie will like them." Ohhh, now we're getting to the real reason. Trying to earn brownie points from the granddaughter! Of course, the plan kinda back-fired. When she arrived, the first words out of her mouth were, "Where are the kittens?"  She really LOVES those kittens! 

Her favorite is Prim
Prim and Rascal
Prim got the royal treatment
The kittens grew up and do what cats do,and now we have...

Prim and her new kitten
Rascal and her FIVE kittens
New born kittens
They like to sit in the shade and watch me work.
I told Hubby it's time to start working on our sign..."Cute Kittens".


  1. yes, that's a lot of kittens! While I was away over the winter, Sony Boy brought home a siamese-himilan mix little thing. Blue eyes, golden tips on ears and tail. Cute. Until I got home and saw how it had clawed the furniture and left messes everywhere. It got sick and the mess was horrible. No more kitten in this house. :( Good luck with your sign.

  2. We've lived here for 15 years, and there have always been two cats living in the old deserted barn next to us. We have had so many litters of kittens outside our back door ! They do keep the mice away though!

  3. Even though my three dogs would disagree, I do love kittens! Super cute!


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