Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jingle Jangle

(So apparently, even though I had scheduled my "I" post to show up yesterday, it rebelled against me and stayed in the draft file.)  Oh well, maybe it will work in my favor since today's post will  be short. I was wasting time playing spider solitaire instead of blogging. Opps. 

Jingle jangle, screeeeeech, clunk, clunk. That sorta, somewhat resembles the noises I heard coming from my fairly new washing machine. At least, it seems like it's a fairly new washing machine, even though we have had to have it repaired two other times.

It turns out, we bought this machine in 2000. Well, that was just a few years ago, right? Yikes! That's 13 years ago! Thirteen, the bad luck number? I remember hearing commercials about Maytag washers that lasted 30 years! Remember that poor, old Maytag repair man who had nothing to do? Guess those days are over. I don't have a Maytag, but that's incidental. 

Yesterday we took a quick look around to see about how much we would have to spend! That caused a heart attack. There's a new style that looks interesting. It's a top loader, but with no big thing-a-ma-jig in the center. The drawback to me is that the drum is extremely deep. I dig a quick acting out of emptying the machine, and felt like I was falling into the thing. While at the same time, the lid kind of plopped on my head. The sales guy quickly pulled it off me while apologizing. I said, "That's OK, it's probably what would happen at home." There's a good chance I'll stick with the front-loader style, after that little mishap.

It looks like Hubby and I will be out shopping for a new washer. Hopefully, soon, or we'll have to be shopping in the nude. And, nobody wants that to happen! EEEEEEEK!


  1. Haha when I am avoiding blogging I play online Chess. :) And I feel your pain, though I just had to buy a new laptop not a washer.

    Though sadly mine is starting to make the same noises. Eeep!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge Co-host

  2. Eeeek indeed!!! I can remember when fridges, washing machines, hoovers etc would almost last a lifetime! We were told by a Repairman that they are now programmed to last for five years. :(


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