Monday, April 8, 2013

Hogs on the Homestead

Too bad our last name isn't MacDonald. E-I-E-I-O. With an oink, oink here. We have recently acquired hogs, three, to be exact. We like to call them our three little pigs.

This won't be a very informative blog, because I don't even know the name of the breed. Well, I did know, but I've forgotten, and Hubby isn't here to ask. Although, truthfully, he might not remember either. Yes, it's a pretty scary state of affairs we find ourselves in. Not remembering. (For the record, I hate the grammar rule that states "Never end a sentence with a preposition." Is it still a rule? I break it all the time.)

Anyway, back to the hogs. I think they are a Heritage breed that originated in England, but that's all I know. They sleep a lot, eat a lot, and root a lot. I'm just waiting for the  bacon.

When Hubby was growing up, he had a family friend who made the best whole hog sausage he ever tasted. Unfortunately, the man took his recipe with him to the grave. So Hubby has a goal to recreate this fabulous sausage. Time will tell if he is successful.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of our three little pigs. I mean, hogs. Ha.Ha.


  1. no prespsiton at the end of a sentence? I'm a bit confused because I've thought/learnt that the preposition came at the end of the sentence, like "Be careful what to wish for." But then, this post is not about grammar, it's about hogs. I love your hogs! :-)

  2. If making that grammatical mistake was a crime I'd be doing time! I love the picture with their tails.
    Blessings Joanne

  3. You're not going to eat them for real, are you? They're so cute!


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