Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That's My Girl!

Do you like award shows? I admit that I am not that big of fan of them, unless, of course, I know someone who is up for an award.

Take Josh Krajcik, for example. 

The guy on X-Factor. I know he says he's from Columbus, Ohio, but the dirty little secret is that he is in fact, from Wooster, Ohio. Amazing Daughter has been singing his praises for the past 10 years, wishing that he would get the recognition he deserves. Well, it seems, his time has come. And, if you haven't heard him sing, consider this a special Thanksgiving treat - calorie free!

And, speaking of Amazing Daughter, she is also up for an award. Check out Karen's blog. You can vote for her under "Favorite Singles Blog" - Jennee Thompson. Voting is open until November 25, so hope on over and give her a vote!


  1. How exciting. He did a good job. I wonder if he'll go all the way? Jennee, was right.

  2. I actually watched this audition. I loved him. His mom kinda drove me nuts but he is amazing! I would so buy his CD.

  3. That Josh sure does have an amazing voice, doesn't he?! I'm sure he will do really well. I will pop over right now and cast my vote for Jennee Thompson! Good luck to her.

  4. Went to check out your daughters blog.. Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree lady! You've raised a great kid!

  5. That was SOOO amazing it made me cry! What a NEAT video! Good for him :0) I'm heading over to Karen's blog.

  6. Loved this, Darlene! And I'm off to vote for Jennee, now :)

  7. Love the X factor :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!


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