Thursday, November 10, 2011

Have you lost your groud?

I am going to attempt to participate in Theme Thursday.

Today's theme is "gourd". That threw me for a loopy loop. The first thing that came to my mind was the well known expression, "Have you lost your gourd?" or "Are you out of your gourd?". You've heard of that, right?  

I like gourds. They are pretty and decorative. Can you eat them? I don't know. That's one thing I haven't tried to eat. (Shocking, I know.) And, for that reason, I have not tried to grow them in my garden. Maybe I'll consider them for next year. Actually, if you want to know the answer to that question, go visit Mrsurpole's Place.

Here is a very cute gourd. I'm sorry. I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I've been singing Christmas songs since September (I'm in a community choral union, and we're getting ready for our Christmas concert.) So, in some ways it seems like Christmas should be here already. Anyway, I also have a Santa collection, so this little fella appealed to me.


So cool. Some people are so talented!
But, my favorite use of a gourd would be this:

Source and recipe

Well, now I guess you know the answer to my question. I have eaten certain gourds after all! 


  1. Ok, both your and Mrsupole and your tantalizing photos of pumpkin cheesecake!! Gah!!!

    Soooooo hungry now!!!!!

    Happy Theme Thursday!

  2. My mother in law makes bird houses out of them. I've always wondered if you could eat them. Now I know. Thanks for enlightening me AGAIN. lol One day I'll teach you something.. K probably not. I'm not known for my excessive teaching skills except on weight lose and reading. Sigh.

  3. That cheesecake looks and sounds delicious. I have a bird house/feeder make from a gourd in the garden. I think it was a butternut and I love eating butternut. Very clever and fun post, Darlene.

  4. that goose gourd is amazing...if you had not had told me it was one i would not have i like the pie as well...happy TT

  5. What cool painted gourds!!! And yes, I think pumpkin is a gourd!!

  6. Why, yes. I have lost my gourd as a matter of fact. LOL

    I have several Santa face gourds that the lovelies and I painted one year. They are some of my favorite ornaments!

    I've been singing Christmas songs since (I don't really want to say when) and I'm not in a choral group. I think I need help. LOL

  7. Consider your attempt a fine success!

  8. Hi Darlene,

    I agree with Kris, this was a fine success. I think you are a great match with TT and look forward to see what you come up with on other themes.

    What is funny is that after I started reading and looking at all the pictures of gourds, I found them to be a very interesting plant. It also seems that they are fairly easy to grow. But dang it if I do not have the hardest time trying to grow cucumbers and the easy ones to grow are the ones with the hard shells that seem to be used for art like your Santa Claus, which is really awesome. I wonder if that is decoupage or painted on. Now that swan totally looks like clay.

    I think I will need to buy a book about gourds if I plan to grow any. But then again I sucked at gardening this year. Oh well, will cross my fingers if I do try.

    Thanks so much for playing with us. This was truly fun.

    God bless.

  9. Never heard of a gourd before. Is it an American word or am I (as suspect) just an ignorant dafty? Loving the santa.

  10. I've seen some beautifully painted gourds before, but I've never really thought much about whether they're edible!

  11. The recipe sounds delicious for sure. But will the Santa gourd start to rot and wrinkle as the season advances? Does it keep from year to year? Inquiring minds et al.


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