Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 52 Week - Whatever

I don't know what week we're on, but I do know that the year is quickly coming to a close. 

It is time to give the list a good lookie-see and hope and pray that I have something to cross off.

Oh yay! I can do the strike through three things.

#2 - Read 10 books. (Technically, I'm two chapters away from finishing book #10, but I promise to finish it today! 
Book #8 - Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines was written by my good friend Carol Wyer. I highly recommend this book. It's a hoot and a half, and I promise that you will love it.

The next one I get to cross of is #28 - Travel somewhere new. Now, don't assume that this means I went anywhere exotic. This has been my "only if I don't go anywhere exotic" option. A month or so ago, Hubby and I traveled up north to a little town with the quaint name of Geneva-On-The-Lake. The purpose was to do a quick painting job for Hubby's brother, before they moved into their new house. It seems everytime we paint for someone, we have about 2 days to do something that should take a week if done correctly. Anyway, after a hard day of painting, we decided to drive to the lake and eat our supper. As we drove, we enjoyed the fall colors on the trees that lined the road. We arrived at the lake just as the sun was starting to set. We congratulated ourselves on our great idea to have a picnic by the lake.  We spotted a couple, sitting on the beach, enjoying the sunset. We grabbed our food, set it on the picnic table, and were immediately attacked by about a million mosquitoes. Those stupid things were everywhere! We flailed our arms all around, trying to eat just one bite in peace. It was not possible. It was a complete and total disaster. We ate a bite. Swatted mosquitoes. Ate another bite. Cursed and swatted. No romantic supper. No romantic sunset. 

I did manage to get a couple of photos in spite of the mosquito attack.

If you look really hard, you can see the lighthouse

Too much zoom makes for a fuzzy photo
The moon was awesome that night
I'm going to go ahead and cross off #33 - Start cooking through the hundreds of recipes I have saved and never made. Technically, I did start cooking. I didn't get very far, but I did indeed, start.

Well, there you have it. That's my quick run-down on my goals. How are you doing on your goals?

Check out Jennee and Karen and see how they are doing.


  1. Darlene, I absolutely love your posts. You always inject your own special brand of delightful humour and always succeed in making me smile. I wish I had that gift. Anyway, I loved your cross-offs (?) today and although your romantic picnic turned out to be a fight with thousands of blood sucking vampires, your pictures are GORGEOUS! At least you can look at them over and over again :) I couldn't agree with you more about Carol's book! What a talented writer she is and I'm so glad she made the leap of faith. I am sure she'll be very successful in time! Big hug xoxo

  2. I guess I need to read this book by Carol. I keep hearing how wonderful and funny it is!
    Good job on crossing off some goals!

  3. As usual lady you had me rolling. I hate mosquitoes! They are pest that always ruin good things. sigh. The pictures were great. Um I accomplished my goal this year quite well. Of course it was a simple one. I survived and didn't hang anyone up by the theirs toes. Pretty proud of myself I must admit. Life is good..

  4. Nice photos even with the mosquitos! Glad you got some goals done. Always feels good. I want to get in on this next year.

  5. You should be so proud of yourself, being able to cross off three more is just awesome. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

    I so suck at goals that I learned a long time ago to never make any. I don't even think I have ever made a goal in my whole life. Yup, it was that long ago that I learned to never make them. I think I was in kindergarten or just after. Truly proud of you for what you have done.

    I also hope you were not upset at me for deleting those two ridiculously long comments. I just started and could not stop myself and I was not sure if you would get a copy emailed to you or not. If you had not I was going to email them to you, but I figured that your readers might not want to read a book. Hey, I just realized that you could knock off another book since you read those comments. And since I saved them I could repost them if someone wanted to read them. I think I was on a roll and even worked the kittens into it. And if she does say anything, just remember what I said about having the lady come talk to you. And you really need to let us know if she loses, my fingers are crossed.

    And I am sending you an invitation to come join our Theme Thursday players. This week's theme is "Gourd" and I have a funny feeling that you have a lot to say about them. Anyway there are almost no rules to follow which is great because it is all about how and what you choose to do with the theme. You can get to it in "my profile" or paste this link: I think you would make a perfect fit.

    God bless.

  6. Darlene, you're doing great, going on a picnic after painting a house. I would have been too tired to battle mosquitoes too. Ugh, I hate those things. Just keep at striking your goals off of your list. One step at a time. I have no doubt that you'll conquer.

  7. I hate mosquitoes!!! In fact when we go "camping" at a cabin we rent every year... My daughter and I are the only ones that opt to sleep with mosquito nets. They give me the hee bee gee bees. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. Looks like you're doing great!

    Mosquitoes are the worst!

  9. Wow that is a beautiful place I am sure you enjoyed it in spite of the mosquitoes nasty little devils aren't they.
    I love the idea of a list I see you have most things crossed off. I am ashamed to say I could never do a list I am not that organized or for that matter ambitious. :) Keep going you are doing great. B


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