Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Got flowers?

I am a nut for flowers! Give me a big ol' pile of soil, shovel, flowers, and a place to dig, and I am happy as a clam. 

I am getting ready to landscape a shade garden area for my brother. My parents knew of a place that was having a huge sale - 70% off of everything. So, we made a little trip yesterday morning. 

It was amazing!!

We arrived early, but there were already hundreds of cars everywhere!

People were leaving with carts loaded with flowers! Panic started to set in! I hope there will be something left by the time we get inside!!

It turns out, we didn't have to worry. There were PLENTY of flowers!

There were carts full of flowers everywhere. I told my dad that it was his mission to find us an empty cart, while mom and I drooled and looked at all the plants. We had to be very careful when looking for plants on the trays. I found a lovely fushia plant and started to take it, when I heard a voice saying, "Um, that's mine." Opsie daisy! She was real nice about it, and showed me where to get my own.

It was truly overwhelming to see so many plants, knowing that the prices were so great! I was spending my brother's money, so that was even more fun. I was on a mission, looking for hostas, but, I discovered they were all gone. 

You probably can't tell from this photo, but the line is very long. All these people are in line, and it goes all the way back on the left side, makes a turn, then goes up to that building, and through the building. I was thinking we would be there all day just standing in line, but, surprisingly, it moved quite fast.

Hanging baskets were everywhere. This is one small section in the checkout area.

There were only four people running the registers, and another four directing people into which line, so it all moved along rather quickly.

We made our selections. Unfortunately, we had to remember we were limited to trunk space in the car. I guess it worked out that there were no hostas. The trunk was quite full. 

There were only four people running the registers, and another four directing people into which line, so it all moved along rather quickly.

We left with our treasures. They all fit nicely into the truck (and some in the back seat.) The whole trip only took about an hour.


  1. I love garden centers. I spend hours looking round them and contemplating which plants to buy. I don't do gardening particularly, but do love my tubs around the house and fill them each year with beautiful vibrant flowers.

    CJ xx

  2. How cool is that! I typically find out about those kind of sales AFTER I've finished shopping :-)

  3. I love your Project 52. The garden shop trip sounded fun!

  4. An hour!!! Gosh, it looks like an all day thing! Wish I could have been there. We just planted all our wildflowers yesterday. You got great pictures of your flower adventure, next I want to see what you've done with your brother's garden!

  5. You did well. Whenever I walk around my neighborhood, I literally stop to smell (and admire) the roses and other flowers. Enjoy all your new beauties.

  6. I would have been there for hours trying to decide which ones to buy. The best thing about living in CA is that flowers grow all year round here. My roses never stop blooming, I am not sure why because I see other rose bushes that stop flowering. But if one is careful about what one plants, then we can have flowers all year due to the lack of a true winter.

    I even have one tomato plant that is now over three years old and seems to have not stopped producing tomatoes since it started. The same thing for my hanging strawberry plant. We bought that a few months after the tomato plant. I think it is because they are both in pots and not the ground so they are both in a sunny area and must be wondering when winter will ever arrive.

    My favorite type of plants are the succulents. Most of them do not flower but they come in so many shapes and sizes amongst all the varieties that they can make a garden look amazing. With our long periods of drought, they make wonderful plants for where I live. Although they can be a little dangerous with all the stickers poking out of them. Thick leather gloves are a total necessity when planting or weeding around them.

    Oh my, I guess I could talk about liking plants all day. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. And I too would like to see the pics of the shade garden.

    God bless.

  7. As I looked at all those flowers are I could think of was yesterday was the worst allergy day for me in quite a few years. They are pretty to look at in a pic but I don't want to be up front and personal for some of them. Nice post! Have fun planting them, I will continue to admire them on photo paper.

  8. Hi,visiting from the Thursday Cup of Joe Blog Hop. I'm now following your blog. Hope you will follow me back.

    Thank you.

  9. Just my kind of outing, too! I can spend hours at a nursery, completely oblivious to the passage of time. So glad you found some lovely alternatives to your hosta mission. I have never been to a nursery as gigantic as this one! It's remarkable that you accomplished your mission as quickly as you did! Now the exciting part happens. Getting your purchases planted in your brother's garden. Hope you will keep us updated.

  10. How fun! I love that kind of sale. Hope your brother loves the bounty that you brought him.


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