Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 52

Project 52 is the brainchild of Jennee at Cheap Therapy (my amazing daughter, fyi) and Karen at Karen's world.

I'm not much of a goals person, and usually fight tooth and nail against making goals of any kind, BUT, (and I hate to admit this) I have found that having a list does help me to: 1) get things done and 2) remind me that I have actually accomplished something. And, I really enjoy using that little strikethrough button!

I'm hoping that as I cross things off my list, I will become (and stay) more organized.

So, what have I accomplished this week?

1.  Lose 30 pounds - 15 by March 

I am down a few pounds, but consider it more of a fluke than anything. If anything substantial occurs, you'll be the first to know! 

2.  Read 10 books
     I finished my first book, but before you get too impressed, I started reading it in December. Not only is this book a good thriller, but the last 26 pages are full of footnotes to back up all the information found in the book.


24. Get through an entire P90X workout - I'm working up the courage to get started. I promise to get through at least one workout this week! (Ohh, did I "say" that out loud?)

25. Go through the box of "stuff" in my bedroom
This box was much smaller than I imagined, and when I started going through it, I realized it was full of "unmentionables". I just transferred it all to my "unmentionables" drawer! (Am I really making any headway here?)

35. Drink more water
The problem with drinking more water is... what goes in has to come out! sigh!

44. Take down the Christmas tree
Okay, so I admit, that this is a cheap goal. The Christmas tree HAS to come down sometime, right? Like I said, I like using the strikethrough button, and this makes me feel like I'm making progress!

46. Find a place for Sweetie Pie's toys
This was easier than I thought it would be. Jennee has taken my sewing machine and serger out of retirement, so, the retirement lodge has become a toy chest.

50. Learn how to transfer a button--in less than an hour! 
I should probably take this one off and replace it with another goal. I actually do know how to transfer a button-surprise! surprise! (Said in a Gomer Pyle accent) The button I was trying to transfer had a glitch in it, and so, for once, it was not me who had the problem.

Well, there's my list. It's not too late to start your own list and join the fun! Just click on the Project 52 button, and if I did it right, it should take you over to the blog hop! Come on, it'll be fun!


  1. I'm impressed that 1) you made a list 2) actually did something from the list in the very first week 3) did more than one thing in the very first week! You're doing great and hopefully I'll make it through a P90X workout with you soon.

  2. I need to drink more water, too. My problem is that even if I try to keep a water bottle with me all the time, my boys drink it.

  3. You're doing great with your list so far! I keep hearing about P90x but haven't tried it yet. (I don't have much willpower so I'm hesitant to buy the dvd's.)

  4. You're off to a great start! And I think taking down the Christmas tree is a perfectly legitimate goal. AS a matter of fact, I was planning on using it too, but I got the tree down before I wrote my Project 52. LOL!

  5. I need a list always to remind me on things I need to do. It helps me keep me organised. You are doing great with you list.

  6. I know for a fact I could not accomplish 52 things unless they were ones I was going to do anyway, like your Christmas Tree one! That is cheating, but it is a lot of work so deserves to be counted! And P90X??? Forget it! I couldn't even do P90! Good luck!

  7. You're off to a great start!

    P90X scares me.


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