Saturday, January 22, 2011

Learning to wait on the Lord

This is something that is much easier said than done--learning to wait on the Lord--wait to see what His will is--wait to see what direction He wants us go.

I've been in a bit of a funk this week...I'm not sure what direction this post is going to go...I certainly don't want it to be a gripe-fest, but more of a thinking out loud. So, there is my disclaimer. Continue at your own risk!

We are in our current position because of a decision that we made four years ago. More on that in another post, but, we felt the Lord was leading us. Everything that we tried to do just fell into place like a puzzle.

We sold our business, moved out of state to lovely North Carolina, and in less than a year, had to move back to Ohio. 

We are currently renting from my SIL, but she and BIL would like to sell this house, when we find something else.

Hubby and I have tried to buy (mostly at auctions) 10 - 12 houses. On one house, we were the high bidder, but after the obligatory five minutes "wait and talk it over" time, a new bidder appeared on the phone, and bye-bye house. On another deal, we looked at a house that had been sitting on the market for about a year with no one interested. The house needed a LOT of work, but for the right price, we were up to the challenge. Now, remember, no one had even looked at this house for several months. We looked at it, made a list of all the repairs it needed, worked up an offer. The week that we gave them an offer, not one, not two, but FOUR other offers poured in!! We brought that guy a great blessing, because all the offers were higher than ours!

So, with every house we have tried to get, but have not gotten, we said, "Well, I guess the Lord has something better for us." And, each place that we looked at was better than the last. Except that they all went to someone else.

Our last experience is the one that has put me in my current "funk". We looked at a small but cute house, a cottage, really. The price was low enough that we could put an addition on. It has a little bit of land, so we could have a nice sized garden. It is owned by a local bank. When we looked at it, the guy that showed it to us said that there was someone else who had shown some interest in it, but had not put in an offer.

So, we put in an offer. The guy told us that the bank people were having a meeting in the morning, and he would tell them of our offer. Fine. Great.  
An hour later, "our" guy calls and tells us that the bank CEO thought the other party should know, so he called him, told him our offer, and asked if he wanted to  "up our offer". 

Does that sound A) slightly unethical  B) highly unethical or C) AOK?   I pick "B".  So, we play the little unethical game, raising the price. 

After two rounds, Hubby asks for the name of the person we are now bidding against. It's a contractor by the name of Jones*. Hubby knows Jones*, so, he gives him a call to let him know what is going on. He was hoping that when Jones* realized how unethical the bank dealing was, he would back out. Nope.

When Jones* was told that the bank told us he had raised the bid $500, Jones* said he hadn't even talked to the banker that day. Hubby told Jones* that we were backing out, and wouldn't raise the bid. He called the bank and them that we would offer the same as Jones*, they would have to make the decision.

When we didn't hear from the bank, we had someone call for us, pretending to be interested in the house. He was told, yep, they sold the house. Only one person was interested. Hmmmmm. I thought there were two people interested.  Now, why would the bank have to lie about that?  

But, that's the way things seem to go for us. Think of the weirdest, most bizarre scenario, and that's how it happens. (Hubby did call Jones* and offered him a little more, if he wanted to make an easy profit. But, he's buying it for his in-laws so they can be closer.)

I know the Lord hasn't forgotten us, but I wouldn't mind at all if He wanted to send us a little telegram with just a hint of what He has in mind. I guess we'll know soon enough, if we just keep waiting on the Lord.


  1. and this is how I feel anytime someone gets engaged or pregnant.

  2. Oh, my heart goes out to you, Darlene! That is SO frustrating!! (And that whole story with Jones sounded so fishy!!) But you said it yourself: You have to wait on the Lord. I, myself, sit here and say: "Now what, God?" I haven't gotten an answer yet either, but I know He is just helping others, while the best is to come for me. I feel the same about you!! As long as your SIL isn't throwing you on the street, and she can surely see that you guys are trying, you just have to hae patience and know that something better and perfect for you will come along. There was SOME reason why the good Lord did NOT want you to have those other homes -- you might never know why, but HE knows. So just keep your chin up! And say a prayer to St. Anthony to find you a house! Here, I'll say it for you: Good St. Anthony, please come around. Something has been lost (a house for Darlene & Hubby), and must be found!
    OK, I guarantee you won't have long to wait now. St. Anthony is going to discuss with the good Lord right now. ;)

  3. In my experience, when my prayers aren't seeming to be answered I have to consider the question more deeply. Am I just asking without thought and not doing anything? Is it something that is the best for me in the eternal scheme of things? (Not saying y'all are doing any of these things, just talking about myself here.)

    Often I have forgotten to ask the Lord, what question should I be asking? What would he have me do? What lesson am I needing to learn? I believe that if I'm asking with real intent having faith in the Lord. The answers will come. And sometimes the answer is, just wait or an out right no. But part of the asking is trusting that He Loves Me and only wants the very best for me, he won't give me a stone. And isn't it a funny thing how trials bring us closer to him?!

    Hang in there sweetie.


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