Saturday, January 29, 2011

Has Spring Sprung??

I'm very excited to report that Spring is on its way! This winter has seemed to go on and on and on, and it is still JANUARY! 

The reason I am feeling slightly optimistic is because I happened to see three robins the other day!! Hubby and I always have a contest to see the first robin, and this year I am the without-a-doubt winner. If you want to read about last year's contest, click here. I have never, ever seen robins this early in the year, so I am hoping against hope that it means spring will be here sooner than later!

Not my photo. Found it from
This year, Amazing Daughter and I were in the car together. I looked in a tree and saw two orange bellies. I yelled, "I see robins! I see robins!"  She doubted me, claiming she saw nothing. A moment later, I saw another one. (We were on an empty snow-covered street, so I told her to back up so we could get a better look. I wanted to be very sure I had seen robins because I planned to do a lot of gloating to Hubby!) 

She backed up, but couldn't see anything. I kept pointing to the tree, with no leaves, thinking, 'how hard is it to see a robin?'. She couldn't see it!  I kept pointing. "There! In that tree!"  

"Which tree?"  

"The one with the robin in it!"  To be fair, there were two trees, side by side, but only one tree had a "blob" in that that looked like bird!  

Thankfully, the robin was in no hurry to leave. (The poor thing was probably frozen, and wondering who's bright idea it was to come back to Ohio in January!)  He stayed long enough for Jennee to finally see him, and provide confirmation that we had indeed seen robins!

So, here's to SPRING! May it get here SOOOOOON!

(And, now I have to tell you that I just learned that robins very rarely leave to go South for the winter! Most of them stay in their Northern homes all year long! We don't see them because they are busy hiding in brush and eating berries instead of hopping around on who knows how many inches of snow digging for worms! I'm not sure how I feel about this news. I think I'm kind of disappointed. All those visions of robins coming back for spring have just gone *poof*!)

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