Monday, August 30, 2010

Miracles do happen

Our family left for D.C. on Wednesday. We wanted to have a few days for sight-seeing before the rally on Saturday. Glenn Beck had talked on his radio show that on Friday night there would be a special event at the Kennedy Performing Arts Center. There were 1000 seats available. Glenn had bought the tickets himself, and intended to give them out on Friday morning on a first come, first serve basis. I was really, really, wanting to go, but knew that the chances of securing a ticket or seven (one for each member in our group) would be next to impossible. But, Glenn said to expect miracles, so I dared to hope.

Late Thursday afternoon, our group split up. My brother-in-law and nephew wanted to go locate the Kennedy Center,  because we planned to be there bright and early Friday morning, waiting in line for tickets. The rest of us, continued sight-seeing, heading in the opposite direction. One of the sights on our to-do list was to see the Daughters of the American Revolution building. Not because I am a Daughter of the American Revolution (but my Dad recently told me I could be. I just have to do some research to find out), but because of the initials...DAR aka my nickname.

 As we were walking back, looking for a Metro Station, Hubby got a call from BIL saying that we need to bring food and blankets, and plan on spending the night, because a line was already forming. So, the five of us, head back to the cottage in which we are staying.  We start discussing who will go back and spend the night on the streets, standing in line...each person would be able to get two tickets, so four people would have to spend the night. It was looking like it would be Hubby and me, but then, my other nephew said he would go. (Bless his heart.) Halfway back to our cottage, we realize that BIL has the only key.  This is not good. Oh well, we'll just ask for another key. My nephew says that there is only one key, as they had already tried to get another key. However, when we arrived, we discovered that we had forgotten to lock the front door when we left that morning! (And, luckily, all our stuff was still in the cottage when we got back!) As we started making sandwiches, and gathering blankets, BIL calls again. Never mind coming, they started passing out tickets so no one would have to sleep on the streets. I was glad for that, but immediately concluded that I would not be going to the event. Four tickets, and BIL had two sons with him, and Hubby would go. Oh well, it was a long shot anyway, and at least Hubby would get to go. Then Hubby got another call. His voice sounded a little more excited when he said, "Really? That's awesome!"  Here's what happened. BIL was talking with other people in line, some were able and willing to get an extra ticket, so BIL left with seven tickets! We would all be going!

BIL and nephew had decided that they would take it easy on Friday. Not even go into D.C. until the after noon. The rest of us had other plans. We would get up early, do some sight-seeing, then come back to the cottage early enough to get cleaned up, and rested up before going to the Kennedy Center. (You know right now that that didn't happen, don't you?) We wanted to leave by 3:00 because it takes a good hour of traveling by the MetoRail, and driving. And, we wanted to be heading back by 6:00 to get there by 7:00, when the doors opened. But, at 3:00 we were in the middle of the American History Museum, and suddenly no one wanted to leave. Hubby and I were hot, sweaty, and tired. We needed to go back. And, our tickets were still at the cottage. So, we left, and again halfway back, realized that we had no key.

By the time we pulled up to our cottage, we were way behind schedule, and we both had full bladders. Hubby went down to the office to get a spare key. Came back. Key didn't work. Walked back down to the office, and came back empty handed. We would have to wait until they located the guy who wears all the keys on his belt. Time was ticking away. We were still hot, sweaty, tired, and now hungry, with fuller bladders. Hubby started talking about breaking a window. I started praying that the man with the keys would hurry and get here. Thankfully, my prayer was answered, and no windows were broken. However, all our resting time was used up, and we only had time to shower, (dress), grab the tickets, and go.  We drove back into D.C., rode the  MetroRail to what we thought was the closest stop to Kennedy Center. (Our son had the map showing the layout and all the stops, so we tried to go from memory. Memory. Ha. Ha.)

After we walked a block or so, we called everyone, who were already waiting at the Kennedy Center, to say we were on our way. We were then told we got off  way too early and would have a couple of miles to walk. We needed to turn around and get back on the MetroRail. Our legs were so tired from three days of walking, we couldn't bear the thought of turning around. We hailed a cab and said, "Take us to Kennedy Center."  The ride cost us 10 bucks, but it was worth every penny!

We arrived at Kennedy Center right around 7:00. Miracles still do happen.


  1. I have to say, it turned out to be a pretty cool week.,

  2. I have another friend that went too. She thought it was fabulous. Can't wait to hear what you thought of it all.

    I'm certainly jealous of all the sightseeing. Some day I'd love to take a Revolutionary tour of the east coast, in the fall, you know to kill two birds with one stone.

  3. The whole experience was wonderful! My only complaint is that all the walking was hard on my hip joints! (I must be getting older than I thought!)

  4. Darlene,
    This is so great! I didn't know you were going to DC! That's wonderful....what an experience! We wanted to go but knew Ralph just wouldn't be able to take the walking and standing, etc.
    Watched the whole thing on Friday night through Glenn's website. Then watched it all on Saturday.
    It is just driving the liberals crazy to figure out what to do. They simply don't understand it. Like Glenn said yesterday, (you) we won!

    I pray for Glenn's safety every day.
    Carol & Ralph


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