Thursday, August 12, 2010

There is something seriously wrong with my brain!

I have issues. And, in case you haven't guessed from the name of my blog, a lot of my issues have to do with my brain--namely in the remembering department. There used to be a commercial on TV (maybe it still is, but, we don't get cable anymore, so I can't be sure.) I can't even tell you what the commercial was for, but this is what I remember. The commercial shows the inside of this person's brain. Everything is in little bubbles all floating around. There is a man walking through the brain paging "insurance", or something, trying to bring it up to the front of the brain. That's when I realized why I have such a problem remembering. My brain guy is not doing his job! Everything is just floating aimlessly around. No one is in there bringing my thoughts front and center. I'm going to have get that guy to do a better job!

The other night, Hubby and Awesome Daughter and I had just finished a very nice supper. For me, a meal isn't over until I've had a little bit of sweetness. I can survive without it, but, it makes me a little happier to taste the sweeter things of life. I made one little mention to Hubby.
"Sweetie, you should have bought a little bit of chocolate while you were out today. That would taste pret-ty good right now."
Hubby seemed a little incensed, rolled his eyes, and said, "I just bought you chocolate. Did you eat it all up, already?"
"What are you talking about? We don't have any chocolate." (I already ate the last of the chocolate chips. But, he didn't know about that.)
He walked over to the fridge, still rolling his eyes, then pulled out the box of Andes Mints. Oh, boy. How could I forget there was chocolate in the house? And especially mint?? Yep, there it was, right in the top compartment of the fridge! Something's not right in my brain if I'm forgetting about chocolate!

But, if that wasn't bad enough. Awesome Daughter proceeded to tell how I tried to bribe her into doing a job by giving her her own candy bar. (In my defense, I thought it was MY candy bar!)
"Yeah," she said, "Mom found that candy bar that I hid in the freezer and thought it was hers. Then she tried to bribe me with it, but she already had eaten half of it."
"Hey, at least I was willing to share what was left with you", I said in my defense.
"You and your Alzheimer's," they both say!

I do sometimes wonder about "my Alzheimer's", whether it is because I just have sooooooo much information stored into my brain, and my "brain guy" just isn't able to do his job, if it is because my hormones just aren't cooperating, or if I need to be concerned. I happened to find a magazine article about bad memories, and if I could just remember what it said....

I do have a check list on when to call the doctor:

  • you have trouble with daily functioning  because your brain is foggy------ummmm, how foggy?
  • you start to struggle with simple familiar tasks (preparing meals, using a toothbrush)  so far, so good
  • you consistently forget common words-----is that like a "brain fart"? What common words? 
  • you become disoriented or lost in your home or on your own street ---nope
  • you experience erratic behavior, mood swings or personality changes---other than what menopause brings?
I think it is safe to say that I don't need a doctor yet. I just need that dang "brain guy" to get all my bubbles organized and get them where I can use them!


  1. LOL too much information up there? Oh mom, you make me chuckle. I would say that you have trouble preparing meals...but I guess you don't since you seem to be passing that job on to me a little more frequently.

  2. Your guy may need some iron or thyroid. Mine did. (giggle)

    My grandma had Alzheimer's and I sure hope it doesn't happen to me or anyone I know and love.

  3. Hello,
    New follower from New Friend Friday!!! PS I am super jealous of your garden... i hope to start one next year. Hope You have a wonderful Friday...

    Ps I also host a weekly blog hop... so feel free to link up anytime!

  4. well I guess I'm in trouble coz I have a foggy brain, don't prepare meals (what? me cook? puhleeze) and I'm always doin somethin totally stupid (like the WD40 on the bait thing?) so it's not just you swee'pea - welcome to my world. I have been known to go to the refrigerator door, take the bottle of Hershey's syrup, open it, and pour directly down my throat when I am totally choc-deprived. It's not pretty. ;)

  5. I've been joking for awhile that I'm suffering early onset Alzheimer's. After reading your check list, I'm not so sure I'm joking anymore...

  6. Yup, I have moments of forgetfulness, but they never involve chocolate! Stress definitely makes my brain misfire, and so does lack of sleep. I think eating well and avoiding too much sugar helps...but I can't remember for sure. :-)


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