Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Trip Out West

Jerry the  Annheiser-Busch Horse  

I have been back from our road trip out West for four weeks now! Wow, does time fly! And, believe it or not, have figured out how to get pictures from that little black thing-a-mah-jingy stick onto my computer. (Okay, I'm only admitting this because Awesome Daughter will be reading this and will call me out on it. She is the one who actually got the pictures (all 1200+) on to my computer... But, one of these days, I WILL DO IT WITHOUT HER HELP!) 
My plan is to post pictures (don't worry, I won't post all of them) every Wednesday  Thursday (really, whatever day I get around to it!) for who knows how long. So, I hope you enjoy the trip! 

We drove through St. Louis, so I only got a glimpse of the Arch as we sped by on the highway.

We stopped by Grant's Farm, which is in St. Louis.

  Also on Grant's Farm is the house where Ulysses S. Grant lived. This is the house he lived in before and after he served as President of the U.S.
We also got to see the Annheiser-Busch Horses
Well, that's it for now. Hope it was worth your time.


  1. Aren't those horses beautiful and Huge! Can't wait to see more pics.

  2. I'm so proud mom. Can't wait to see more...but don't forget, you can do photoscape pages!

  3. Those are some great photos and love the grant estate, that dress!! Just glad I don't have to wear one like it in this heat:)


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