Saturday, January 2, 2010

That's so weird

A very strange thing has happened to me since I began thinking about writing a blog (three days ago) and then actually starting to write a blog.  My brain is now thinking in "blog-ese".  I laid awake last night for about two hours - give or take - and every thought I had was in blog form.  Is that normal?  Will I now be cursed by thinking that every thing is blog material...or will the reader(s) assuming I get more than one family member to read my blogs be cursed by my thinking that every thing is now blog material???  Oh dear.

Usually, there is not a lot going on "up there", and sleep will come a little easier...I count to 100 frontwards and backwards a few...hundred times, being annoyed by Hubby sleeping soundly and snoring softly, just to rub it in!

The other times my brain gets over-active at night is when rehearsals start up for the Community Choral Union that I sing in.  One phrase and only one phrase of the most energetic song gets stuck in my head, so much so that it's as if there are no other words to that song.  The most recent resident of my brain was "Ain't a that a good news, good news? O, ain't a that a good news, good news?", about 500 times. 

I don't know if this is blog worthy material or not, but since I only have one reader, I won't worry too much about it.  Maybe as time goes on, I will get the hang of it.  But, for now, I will just write this, because by tomorrow I will have forgotten it!


  1. Ba-ha-ha-ha! Welcome to my world. You are offically addicted to the blogging world. Welcome!

  2. Also, you need to work on your titles, but it'll come in due time. You're still new at this!

  3. Hey, look at that! You've doubled your followers! :-)

    I'm over here thanks to your daughter, and I'm glad!

    And yes. Everything you do, dream or think about will now start writing itself as a blog post in your head.

  4. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by and doubling my followers! I've enjoyed reading your blogs as well.


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