Friday, January 29, 2010

Face it Friday Week 5

Well, I only made two goals to keep track of. (Mostly because I wasn't sure I would remember them.) I haven't done very well on either one, sadly.

My first goal was to edit a chapter a week for Jennee's "Singles Anonymous".  This is week five, but I've only done one and one half chapters.  I blame my being behind on the fact that we've had "Chuck" marathons this month, and  I have been distracted by having my granddaughter to visit for a week.  And now I'll have another distraction, Betty (who you  may be familiar with through "Betty Files" from Jennee's blog). She will be staying with us for another two weeks, probably.  Her husband is on his way up from Florida, heading to Wisconsin to work.  But, then he got a call that the job was on a two-week delay.  So, he will be spending that time here, then they will both head on up to Wisconsin.  I won't mind having them here, but, I fear it will make finding time for editing a little more difficult. 

My other goal was in the losing weight department. I am down a pound, but I won't get too excited because it falls in my fluxuation range of five pounds, which means I have a ways to go before I can claim actual weight loss.


  1. Aw Mom, you joined in Let's face it! Now you just need to learn how to blog hop.....I'll help ya.

    I wonder how many Betty files I'll get this week.

  2. Sorry, I'm super behind on my blog reading and finally catching up!

    I think it sounds like you're doing pretty well on your goals. I understand...That Chuck can be quite a distraction.


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